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_xdegrassirpgx's Journal

Degrassi RPG
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The Rules are simple:
1. The game is taking starting in "Father Figure" so that way we have more time to role playing before running out of episodes. We'll start when half the of the list character list is full.

2. The characters must be played realisticly and true to their character on the show. Meaning no slash (Well, Marco...but not with like Sean or Mr. Simpson or anything), and since this is based off a teenage show, and teenagers do have sex, well, that shouldn't be what this community is based on, although if your characters think they're ready (and it's agreed by both muns!), just hint at it, that they did stuff. No sex scenes played out word for word. . Enough said. Also, nothing too random for the characters, like, Jimmy goes to Switzerland and dies in a mountian climbing accident.

3. Any MAJOR plot twists need to be discussed with the moderator first. For example, if you want to kill a character off, they're gone for good. No recarnation here, because the other characters'll have spent all this time dealing with that death, that the character suddenly coming back would...just be not good.

------A side note: To contact the moderator, you can leave a comment here in the community.

5. Any out-of-character comments should be put on the journal in ((OOC: Blah blah blah, I'm saying this, wigity fidgity flump!)) form, so it's not confused with something your character is saying.

6. You need to make a new journal to be in character. The characters do not post in the community, the community is only to find people to play the characters, and an AIM screen name to discuss plot lines and create conversation between other characters.

Characters- Muns playing them

[join community, leave comment and then ask to be the part you want to be]
Grade 10
Ashley Kerwin- ashley__rocks -
Craig Manning- tearsrnot_enuff - xcraigxmanningx
Ellie Nash- xgothicxelliex - xXxgOTHICxeLLIExXx
Hazel Aden-
Jimmy Brooks-
Marco Fel Rossi-
Paige Michalchuk-
Spinner Mason-
Terri Macgreggor-

Grade 9
Emma Nelson-
JT Yorke-
Liberty Van Zandt-
Manny Santos- ms_manny - smileygurlxxx3
Sean Cameron-
Toby Issacs-
Chris Sharp-

Grade 8
Kendra Mason-

Other People
Dylan Michalchuk -
Ms. Kwan-
Joey Jeremiah-

Also, if anyone wanted to play any of the teachers or adults, they are available as well.