ashlee simpson


alirght i made this community becuase i thought it'd be fun to do some role playing. so far i have no one for these characters. so if you would like to be one of these characters comment and i'll let you have it. remember first come first serve.

Characters- Muns playing them

Grade 10
Ashley Kerwin- ashley__rocks -
Craig Manning- tearsrnot_enuff - xcraigxmanningx
Ellie Nash- xgothicxelliex - xXxgOTHICxeLLIExXx
Hazel Aden-
Jimmy Brooks-
Marco Fel Rossi-
Paige Michalchuk-
Spinner Mason-
Terri Macgreggor-

Grade 9
Emma Nelson-
JT Yorke-
Liberty Van Zandt-
Manny Santos- ms_santos - smileygurlxxx3
Sean Cameron-
Toby Issacs-
Chris Sharp-

Grade 8
Kendra Mason-

Other People
Dylan Michalchuk -
Ms. Kwan-
Joey Jeremiah-

rules are on the userinfo page, join community and post an entry for request.