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Deadboy and the White Knight

Deadboy & The White Knight
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Welcome to _xangel, LiveJournal’s only community dedicated to the pairing of Xander/Angel in any and all of its various incarnations!

This is the place to post fanfiction, fanart, and fanvids pertaining to the pairing. Fanfiction can be of any genre and style. If you wish to post fanart or fanvids, you must be the artist or creator of the piece(s) in order to post your work. Please see below for other posting requirements. We also allow fic searches; canon, fanon, and ‘ship questions; meta; and recommendations.

The moderators ask that you be respectful of your fellow community members; therefore, please be aware that this community is slash-oriented. This means the writings and art contained herein are of a male homosexual nature. If this offends you or is something with which you feel uncomfortable, please refrain from joining. Intolerance will absolutely not be permitted and will result in violators being banned from the community.

You must be a member to have posting access. Membership is open at this time, but if you are not of the age of consent (usually, eighteen) in your geographical area, please do not join this community. The moderators are not here to police you and do not routinely check members’ birthdates or even require that such information be listed in members’ user info. However, should a problem arise with underage members, the moderators reserve the right to revise this policy and to moderate membership.

posting rules

The moderators request that all members observe the following rules before posting:
  • All art (banners, wallpapers, icons, etc.), videos, and fiction (epics/novels, novellas, ficlets, drabbles, poetry, essays, etc.) are to be placed behind an lj-cut.

  • All ratings are acceptable, but you must rate your work. You may use any system you wish, as long as it is clear and consistent (e.g. FRC/G, FRT/PG, FRT-13/PG-13, FRM/R, FRAO/NC-17, etc.).

  • With regard to fic genre, there are no restrictions and anything goes (dark, comedy, parody, songfic, romance, hurt/comfort, fluff, PWP, crossovers, etc.), but please categorize your fic accordingly. Also, please label your work with any applicable warnings (strong language, explicit sex, violence, rape, blood play, character death, character turning, etc.). Obviously, all work should be centered around Xander/Angel or other incarnations of that pairing (Xander/Angelus, puppet!Angel/Xander, puppet!Angelus/Xander, Xander/Liam, Xander/Puppy, Angel/Xander/Puppy, etc.). Finally, please do your best to ensure that all fic is free of misspellings and grammatical errors. There are beta communities should you require such a service.

  • With regard to art, please label your work as to whether it is worksafe or non-worksafe. No nudity is to be posted unless behind a cut. You may not hotlink art to any sites other than your own. Violation of this rule will result in your post being deleted.

  • Please do not waste your time or that of the mods or the community by posting work that is not your own. This fandom on LJ is relatively tight-knit, and we will discover it. Plagiarized work will be removed and reported to the appropriate communities, and the offender will be banned from this community.

  • For the sake of clarity, please include the following information as a header to any stories or art: Title, Author, Pairings other than Xander/Angel, Rating, Feedback (include an email address if you don’t want con-crit to appear in comments), Spoilers, Warnings (if necessary), and Summary.

  • We encourage all readers to leave appropriate feedback to posts. If an author or artist has indicated that they do not wish to receive feedback, please respect their request. If feedback is desired, the moderators insist that it be constructive. Your opinion is, of course, your own and you are entitled to it; however, there is no need to be rude or combative when offering it. Trolls and flamers will be banned.

  • Please fill in the subject line of your post. Consider using the following format: Story Title - Pairing - Rating - Type of Fic (e.g. AU, Canon, AU Human, etc) - Chapter # (if applicable).

  • Please remember to tag your fic. At a minimum, please include the pairing, rating, and the author/artist’s name (e.g. Xander/Angel, NC-17, sexymermaid).

  • Please note that all fics will be archived in Community Memories according to the name of the author. At a later time, this may be further revised to include a search via title or subject matter.

  • Adding a disclaimer to your work is unnecessary. At the bottom of the profile is a blanket disclaimer applicable to all art and fiction posted in this community.

  • using an lj cut

    [lj-cut text="Your Story Title"]


    Replace [ ] with < >

    Conversely, you may opt not to use a cut and instead post a link to your work directly to your own LJ. Use the following coding:

    [a href="URL of your own LJ entry"]Title[/a]

    Replace the [ ] brackets with < >

    *Please remember that whichever method you employ, you still must use the appropriate header (see above)


    We are pleased to be affiliated with the following communities:


    We are so excited to be affiliated with the Xangelcentric archive, Of Knights & Champions, the preferred archive for this community, created and maintained by the talented loki_fox. If you are looking to showcase your Xangel fiction and/or art, please consider archiving it at this wonderful site.

    Do you have an Angel or Xander-centric (or seasonal, awards, or general fandom) community and would like to affiliate with us? Please contact mysterious_daze or saphicwicca.

    [user info] / [join] / [affiliate]

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    or...link back to http://community.livejournal.com/_xangel with the following:


    other stuff

    Take a look around! We are sure you will find something to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by! Questions and comments are always welcome.

    Your Moderators: mysterious_daze and saphicwicca

    General Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, lyrics, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended, nor should any be inferred. No profit is being made.

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