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So...you want new friends?

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Add Me
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This is a new community for livejournal users to add new people. There are plenty others, but I decided to make a new community! Please join, and remember to add add add

+; Be nice to other livejournal users. If not, i'll ban you.
+; Remember, this is an add me community only!
+; Don't advertise your community here. Ask for permission first, if you don't and you just advertise without my permission, you'll be banned.
+; You can only post once a week. I don't want the same person posting the same thing over and over. I don't want anyone flooding my community.
+; Have fun <3 =]

Username: unspokenwordsxx
Name: Shannon
Age: 15
Location: Lancaster, California

Go ahead and add me, i'll be happy to add you back <3