Amanda (itendswithafall) wrote in _xaddmex_,



name: amanda
age: eighteen

5+ top bands:
beat radio, the guggenheim grotto, something corporate, muse, ted leo, the long winters & death cab, to name a few.

5+ top movies:
everything is illuminated, the little mermaid, the interpreter, the libertine, gattaca, a beautiful mind.

5+ things about you:
 i never forget a birthday, but i hate commercial holidays. i make mix cds for friends, and i have an extensive music & book collection. i plan to travel the world. my dream is to own my own indie record company someday. i've promised myself to stop drinking & doing hard drugs, but if you choose to do it i think it's your own choice. i have no issues with it. my boyfriend is a recovering coke addict. i go to american university in washington dc, and can't wait to move back to new york. thunderstorms make me grin. and one day, i want to be the girl whose face you can't seem to remember, but who you'll never forget.

LJ friends goal:
i don't have a goal. i want friends that are interested in being just that -- a friend. & i hope to reciprocate.
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