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hi!no delete please [20 Apr 2012|02:36am]
Originally posted by nikitagretzky at что вы вы видите на этой картинке?
Originally posted by diak_kuraev at Как делаются сенсации
... Получилось, будто митрополит согласен с нацистской символикой...
Получилось что "митрополит согласен с нацистами" ?
На самом деле получилось что
1)нацисты согласны с митрополитами
2)Митрополитам похуй кого они ведут за собой

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its jes! add me if you like cheese [19 Mar 2012|10:44pm]

ok not really, but add me if you want!

i am 35/f/iowa
i have a son
im kinda crazy
i live for music
i love movies n tv
i like being social when i wanna b social lol

i tend to write about my life............or anything interesting that i come across, im a pretty active user.

check me out n add if you like :)

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add me and read about the plane crash [20 Mar 2012|02:51am]

Оriginal fr ruriktochkase в NATO PLANE CRASH /погiб Hercules C130J

READ MORECollapse )

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lets friend ykristianna! [29 Oct 2011|11:48pm]

friend an interesting user, with lots of interesting articles about
politics, traveling, history, showbiz, police etc. below you can read
extract from the latest in [info]ykristianna  в air baltic - шведская сказка по-новому more info under the cut

read moreCollapse )

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LJ 0_lechim looking for friends [13 Sep 2011|07:50pm]

LJ [info]0_lechim looking for mutual friends. Latest in  [info]0_lechim :t. о ?! А !

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дружим? / add me. [10 Nov 2010|08:05pm]

дружим? / add me. последнеe / latest : Иду по городу, собираюсь интервью в мосульманском раёне зделать. Девушки смотрят - приииятно ;) Причём даже те кто с детьми, тоже смотрят. Ну, что поделать если я сегодня не отразим? :) Я им естественно улыбаюсь в ответ. Прохожу мимо кафе. МУЖИКИ смотрят. причём довольно пристально. Старик какой-то мимо проходит, и полу уважительно, полу одобрительно кивает. Ну, наверное доволен, что я его пропустил в узком месте тротуара. Угу, ещё и вежливый :) И это замечают. ЗДОРОВО! :) Прохожу мимо киоска у автобусной остановки. Там уже чёрнокожий джентельмен, эдак метров двух, не просто смотрит, а ПЯЛИТСЯ!! Тут уже как то  так не по себе  немного.  *камера в рюкзаке, раён стрёмный, если "обувать" начнут, я конечно просто так ничего не отдам, но фиг за меня кто "впишется". Осматриваюсь... 3аскакиваю в киоск. Весь киоск оклеян газетными афишами с приметами одного из терористов/а.

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friending ruriktochkase [06 Nov 2010|01:44am]

френдим [info]ruriktochkase .
посты из Шведции и о Шведции. из последнего:
освещение terror-style! Теперь у нас будут самые яркие выстрелы!

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[19 Oct 2010|04:14pm]

все желающие добавляйтесь в друзья ко мне в ЖЖ ohrimka89 пишу о разном.  О всём что меня интересует.
Кто добавить в друзья отвечу взаимностью.

Группа посвящена пиару своих ЖЖ и Сообществ piar_jj 

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[27 Sep 2010|09:00pm]

Who want add me to friends ohrimka89

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Lets talk ;) [12 Jul 2010|10:35am]


1.add me and be added :) comment & be commented! Lets talk!

2. Hi! I'm Leo 30, fr. Sweden,Malmö. lookin4friends.pic.of me below. 
The jorunal
is a great illusration of the upsides and down sieds w. LJ.
The downside is very-well known to everyone who has ever bothered to read TOS. We all have no rights here. But 2 upside:
For example about a month ago I wrote a post that was called "generation D". Out of the blue came same people who have read that article, and they asked me to republish my post, in a paper journal that is distributed in 64 countries.(this type of "stuff" does not exactly happened everyday to me. so naturally I said YES!).
Now, during the same "wave" of events I was now all over the sudden asked to give an interview to a multinational TV-station.


2. what did I do? I talked to people, communicated, while being polite.
Just spending some extra time to write an article + posting to a friending communities, such as this one and talking.
Well? Well I have VERY hard time imagining the same turn of events happaning on ANY platform other platform. (ok, may be except youtube). In such short time, such possitive spiral.

3. So? so join me, talk to me & do even better than me! :)
I'll be glad to see you all! Welcome! and if you wish to get some PR in my journal, you can freely write about your self in my LJ in this post:
Lets get to know each other! Who knows? may be that post will be usefull for you too? Join me & do even better than me! :)

another post that is in English can be found HERE:

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[02 Jan 2009|05:15pm]

The name's Nicole. 
20 years old.
Been on Live Journal for years now.
Created my first journal back in 2004.
I live in Central New York.
I'm bisexual, but lean more towards girls.
I am hooked on Harry Potter. Fan fiction, everything, you name it.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is the best Television show ever, I don't care what anyone says. ^__^
I'm kind of a nerd.
I love meeting new friends, and would love to get some more since I'm now out of college, and back into the swing of things here on Live Journal.
There's so much more about me that I can write, but I don't want to make this too long >.> haha

Want to be friends? =)
Comment me. <3

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[05 Nov 2008|09:32pm]

Hi, I'm.. that's not important.. a girl.. I'm 18.
I live in The Canada area.. I work at a music store,
I love drawing,
I love music, sleeping, drugs, reading, philosophy mostly. movies....
I am pessimistic and cynical.
Just look at my interests, it will tell more.
I am interested in you, so add me.
Unless.. You are extremely religious (don't, you won't like me), Homophobic (I won't like you), or just plain dumb (we won't like eachother)
Oh and if your some ditsy girl who talks about boys and gossip.. I will.. kill you. don't add me.
but you. yes you!, add me.

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[15 May 2008|12:23am]

Hey all. My name's Nicole.

I've been on Live Journal for years now. For about 6 months though, I haven't been very active, but I'm back, and I want to get into the swing of things again by making some new friends.

I'm 20 years old.

Live in New York

College Student studying Radio/Television

I'm a Harry Potter and Travel Channel Nerd.

I think fan-fiction is teh shit. =P

I love guys, and girls.

I'm in to almost all types of music.

My family, friends, and job are the most important things in my life.

I'm looking for some people to really get to know, so if I start adding a little too many people, please to take it personally, if I don't add you-I just want to make sure I have enough time for everyone I add. =)

There's tons more about me, but I don't want to make this any longer than it already is. =P
Just comment me if you're interested! =D

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13 New Friends Required [04 Oct 2007|08:45pm]

Apply Here!!

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[07 Jul 2007|08:54pm]



I’m Ansku, almost 19 years old girl and I'm living in Finland but as said home is where heart is and mine is in United Kingdom and Germany. Travelling is the way of life for me, I'm on the road whenever I have a chance.
I live for music, I like rocking out by myself and in a crowd. I listen to pretty much all kinds of music, but nearest to my heart are Linkin Park, Anti-Flag and Placebo. From others I could mention Amy Winehouse, Bloc Party, All That Remains, Snow Patrol, The Distillers, We Are Scientists, Killswitch Engage, The Sounds and The Unseen.
I like crazy experiments and random outings. I enjoy gigs, photographing, fashion, philosophy, dancing, politics, movies, intellectual conversations and art. I'm interested of history, russian literature, different culturies, languages and meeting new people.
I’m looking for new friends and journals to read. If you want to add, comment here to my new LJ, but please don't add me first.

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[04 Jun 2007|02:38pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I just made a new livejournal and would like to have some new friends and journals to read.
I'm Ansku, almost 19 years young girl from Finland. I'm still stuck in here, but as said home is where heart is and mine is in United Kingdom and Germany.
I'm also planning to continue my studies in one of those countries next spring.
I live for music, I like rocking out by myself and in a crowd. I love music in general, I listen to almost all kinds of music, but my favorites are Placebo, Anti-Flag and Linkin Park.
Travelling is the way of life for me, I'm on the road whenever I have a chance. I like crazy experiments and random outings. I enjoy gigs, photographing, art, dancing, writing, reading russian literature and history, watching movies. I'm interested of different culturies, languages and meeting new people.

If you want to add me, comment to my new journal

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[25 Feb 2007|03:27am]




name: amanda
age: eighteen

5+ top bands:
beat radio, the guggenheim grotto, something corporate, muse, ted leo, the long winters & death cab, to name a few.

5+ top movies:
everything is illuminated, the little mermaid, the interpreter, the libertine, gattaca, a beautiful mind.

5+ things about you:
 i never forget a birthday, but i hate commercial holidays. i make mix cds for friends, and i have an extensive music & book collection. i plan to travel the world. my dream is to own my own indie record company someday. i've promised myself to stop drinking & doing hard drugs, but if you choose to do it i think it's your own choice. i have no issues with it. my boyfriend is a recovering coke addict. i go to american university in washington dc, and can't wait to move back to new york. thunderstorms make me grin. and one day, i want to be the girl whose face you can't seem to remember, but who you'll never forget.

LJ friends goal:
i don't have a goal. i want friends that are interested in being just that -- a friend. & i hope to reciprocate.

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looking for friends [15 Feb 2007|08:36pm]
hello everyone! I'm finally returning back to LJ and i'm in desperate need of some new LJ friends!   here are some basics, and then some random facts;
<font size="4"><strong>-</strong> </font>my name is Rachelle, but i tend to go by shelly.
<font size="4">-</font>I live in good old New Mexico  (sense the sarcasm)
<font size="4">-</font> i'm nineteen.
<font size="4">-</font> in an off and on relationship
<font size="4">-</font> going to school for graphic design
<font size="4">-</font> can't live without KISS and Incubus or the pittsburgh steelers.
I'm just looking for friends who actually read entries, and comment and similiar interests would be great!  any questions just ask!
and one picture under the cut ( I swear i do smile! )
<lj-cut text="picture under the cut"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v331/momentofweakness/Image012.jpg" />
comment back if youd like me to add you ( and include a little bit about yourself or why you want to be my friend if you'd like! ;) )

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[11 Feb 2007|03:08pm]


I'm Ansku and 18 years young. I am complicated. My heart cancels out my brain and I'm left with limbs. I'm political. I live for music, I like rocking out by myself and in a crowd. I love pretty much all kinds of music, I like to keep my mind open to everything. But I could still mention some bands like Anti-Flag, Killswitch Engage, Snow Patrol, Atreyu, Madsen, Silverstein and Senses Fail.
Travelling is the way of life for me, I'm on the road whenever I have a chance. Although I live in Finland is Germany's Hamburg more home to me. I travel there on my every holiday, I've got the coolest friends there and I'm also planning to move there in one year when I graduate from high school to study sociology and political science.
I like crazy experiments and random outings. I enjoy gigs, festivals, photographing, movie marathons, writing and parties. I'm interested of history, philosophy, different culturies, languages and meeting new people.
I'd like to get new friends and LJs to read so feel free to add me. But comment first, here or to my journal.

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[08 Feb 2007|09:34pm]
I'm Courtney (17)
I like...
friends <3
my cellular device
video games
I decided to make a lj..so now I need friends :)

comment here or on my friends only entry to be added

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