oxitslovexo (oxitslovexo) wrote in _x_gorgeous_x_,

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how sad...

hey everyone, i have been thinking a lot about this community and i am seriously considering shutting it down. to be quite honest, it sucks. this is NOT official yet, but i do have a plan... i want to make a new community. i think that it is so hard to get people to join this community because it is so old and members have been dropping like flies.

my proposal: make a new community and allow ALL members of this one to join it and be auto-accepted.
only problem: i would need co-mods to help me with the new community. if you are interested reply to this post.

ALSO: if you have any other ideas or comments please post them in a reply to this...

thanks guys! i love you all and i HATE that this community is falling apart.
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