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_x_degrassi_x_'s Journal

Degrassi role playing.
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1. No need to follow an exact plot, just don't go off turning people lesbian or anything dumb like that, etc etc. NO BREAKING PEOPLE UP EITHER....

10th grade:
Ellie Nash - x_ellienash_x
Marco Del Rossi - _marco
Ashley Kerwin - ashkerwin
Terri McGreggor - OPEN
Paige Michalchuk - paige_xo
Gavin "Spinner" Mason - OPEN
Craig Manning - photo__cutie__
Jimmy Brooks- OPEN

Grade 9:
Sean Cameron - OPEN
Manny Santos - lil_miss_santos
Emma Nelson - OPEN
Liberty Van Zandt - OPEN
Toby Isaacs - OPEN
Chris Sharpe - OPEN
James-Tiberius (JT) Yorke - _jt_yorke_
Amy - OPEN

Grade 8: -OPEN
Kendra Mason - OPEN
Nadia - OPEN

Grade 12:
Dylan Michalchuk - dmsportsxfever

Alex -OPEN
Jay - OPEN
Archie "Snake" Simpson - OPEN
Christine "Spike" Nelson-Simpson - OPEN
Joey Jeremiah - OPEN
Caitlin Ryan - OPEN
Angela Jeremiah - OPEN

3. Friends only.

4. To apply fill out the following application and post it (as a new post) in this community, (if you were invited to play a certain character you don't have to apply) just let me know that your gonna do it so I can add you to the list.


What character are you looking to play:

Whats your character journal:

How often can you/do you update:

Why is this a good character for you:

Are you in any other degrassi roleplaying communies on this character journal (this is ok but you need to know how to make custom friends groups for ours please if you need someone to explain/do it for you let us know):

What similarites do you and this character have: