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Cho Chang essays

While you guys have probably already read these essays, I thought that it might be a good idea to compile a small list of all the Cho essays I can think of so searching for them wouldn't be too much of a chore. (If you guys can think of some more you should add them in the Comments section; I'd love to read them and add them in):

Harry and Cho in OotP. A sympathetic essay. The claws come out in the comments section.

Anti-Harry/Cho: I blame Cho. Self explanatory, really. Do not read if Cho bashing sends you into a vicious rage. The writer at least got criticised for this in the Comments section a little bit.

Evil!Cho: Cho Chang and Reader Response. Interesting but a bit old. About reader reaction and fandom response.
As it looks into vague reader jealousy of “popular” characters like what Cho’s meant to be in the HP-verse it kind of makes me smile when I think of all the debate we now have on Ginny. Funny how the old fans who used to hate Cho because she was “too perfect” and wanted Ginny with Harry now have to backpedal and defend Ginny furiously when the “Mary Sue” card gets thrown at them. By the way, Cho as a Mary Sue makes no sense because she’s too removed as a minor character to be a wish fulfilment device, unlike Ginny who despite being a shadow on the edge of Harry’s world is there, therefore allowing more opportunity for her to hijack the plot- a classic staple Mary Sue characteristic that was kind of proven in HBP. (Sorry for Ginny criticism and Mary Sue accusation- I can’t help it sometimes. For the record-Ginny is not necessarily a Mary Sue, especially for her fans but neither is Cho. The accusation fits her even worse).

The problem with Cho Chang, and why I love her. This person loves Cho Chang, so I thought adding her entry here would be good for a change. She also has some links. Try the link to the story Oral History that features Cho as a nice!character and is really interesting in it’s clever discussion of race in Harry Potter and RL.

Hope this gets you guys going!
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