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Let me take the wheel and crash the car

I suppose I'm auto-accepted, but here's an app anyway because global homework isn't any fun anyway.

1. Name: Liz, but I get called Lizard a lot
2. Birthday: May 4th
3. Age // Grade: 15 // 9th
4. Location: The middle-of-nowhere NY
5. Gender: Female
6. Sexuality: Closet bisexual
7. Status: Single
8. Favorite color: Silver
9. Any small creatures? [Pets//Little Siblings]: A dog, two little brothers and a little sister, and an older half sister I've never seen.
10. Vegetarian? Yep, since January 1st, 2004
11. Do you smoke // do drugs // drink? All three.... not constantly though. I do believe my lungs hate me.

Name your top three favorite bands and three songs from EACH band.

Band 1: Pink Floyd
[a] Comfortably Numb
[b] Young Lust
[c] House of the Rising Sun

Band 2: The Beatles
[a] All Together Now
[b] Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
[c] Hippy Hippy Shakes

Band 3: The Grateful Dead
[a] Casey Jones
[b] Truckin'
[c] Friend of the Devil

10 Other bands you love
- The Shins
- Led Zeppelin
- Bauhaus
- Bush
- Dandy Warhols
- The Ramones
- The Sex Pistols
- Jefferson Airplane
- Nirvana
- Orgy

5 bands you cannot stand
- Green Day (Soooo overplayed)
- Sum 41
- Linkin Park
(I really don't hate specific bands...)
- Hardcore music.. most of it, you know, the kind that sounds like a whole bunch of growly screaming. I want to hear songs, not freestyle anger relief.
- Death metal for the above reason.
(But on rare occasions hardcore and death metalish music is okay when it's just been one of those Day's and you need to listen to something angry.)

Top 5 Favorite movies:
1. The Wall
2. Yellow Submarine
3. Empire Records
4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
5. White Oleander

Top 5 Favorite books:
1. The Outsiders
2. The Stand
3. Cut
4. The Exorcist
5. It

Favorite Poet: Edgar Allen Poe

What are your thoughts on:

[Self Mutilation:] Well. I'm in this position currently, and frankly, it sucks. It's a horrible addiction, and all of that bs about how it deals with pain in an alternative manner.... it really doesn't sometimes. It just adds physical pain to the emotional pain, and the few minutes your adrenaline is running through your veins isn't worth the intense guilt that comes after it. I can NOT stand the people who will just do it for attention, but if they're doing something like that to their body for attention, they need help anyway.

[Bulimia / Anorexia:] I'm dealing with this at the moment as well. Three years and counting. I'm a control freak, and I hate change, and at the onset of many things shifting in my life plus insane bs I heard from people about my looks and my body, it exploded into ED-NOS, because it's easier to deal with food and calories and exercise than it is to deal with what it's covering up. It's just another thing to occupy my thoughts so that I don't have to think about real issues. It's an extremely unhealthy way of dealing with emotions, but like cutting, the addiction is strong, and hard to get rid of.

[Pro Life or Pro Choice?:] Pro Choice. If a woman decides that she doesn't want to bring another life into the world because of whatever emotional reasons, she shouldn't have to. Bringing an unwanted child into the world could be more harmful than not bringing it into the world at all.

[George Bush:] I really don't know a lot about the current polotics, so I can't really hold an opinion.

Other Stuff...

Amuse me, somehow. Picture, joke, anything you want: I really can't find anything tonight. How sad.

Advertise this community; two people, and post the links. [but that doesn't mean you have to stop at two, whore your little hearts out.]
[One:] I'll post one in my journal
[Two:] And do another one sometime, I promise.

Tell me...Why do you think you should be in this? Because I have no life, and I could post quite a lot if I'm not shy. I can talk about nothing for ages, I've gotten good at it :)

What do you think of your mods?
DO NOT JUST PUT 'oh, well i dont know them' READ THEIR INFOS AND FIND OUT. Seriously, look through their journal some, look for picture posts, whatever. Be honest...don't suck up.

1. theycallmekay: The layout and entry about how wonderful the Fall Out Boy CD almost makes me want to rip them off via Limewire and have a listen :) Nice Myspace layout and that entry on society's standars on weight really stirred some sort of emotion in me. I'm not sure what it was exactly, but I definitely felt something. It was good though. I had wondered why the hell I was getting Teen Vogue in the mail too. And now I know.

2. putyourshoes0n_: That friends only sign is freakin' sweet. Nice color bands and OMG I SEE THE CURE. <33. And The Beatles, and converse, and Napoleon Dynamite. +++++ For common interests <3 (The Goonies too.... yaaay)

Whore this shit. A minimum of 3 pictures of yourself:If you don't have pictures, explain why in this space...but post em if you have em.

Welllll.... I absolutelyyyyy hate having myself on camera, and it takes me 839408302 years to get a picture that I think is decent of myself because I definitely always look like crapola. I'm always afraid then when I post pictures of myself I'm going to get some horrible comment, but here's one because it asked.


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