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affiliate post?

If for some strange reason you would like to affiliate with my graphic journal, you can post here, and I'll put a link to you on my main page this post, and on my graphic journal's userinfo. <3

I'm currently looking to affiliate with:
+ people who make icons often.
+ icon making communities, whether for single or multiple makers.
+ people's icon journals.
+ etc.

Thankies. ^_^
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IconFiend100 Challenge

This is the first icon challenge that I'm actually bothering to try at... I guess I've been too overwhelmed at school to start on the other ones, but I felt reinspired to do this one, so. D: I'm hoping this one will help me start to use this icon community more, because it has kinda been sitting around doing nothing as of late. ; _ ;

Challenge: Create 100 icons, 50 with themes provided by the community, and 50 of your choice, involving your selection of a focus.
Community: iconfiend100
Series: Rurouni Kenshin.
Character/Pairing/Etc.: villians.
Currently: 005/100.

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domokun colorbar~

I made... a Domo-kun colorbar for myself. Yay. Maybe one day people will see it when I get around to advertising this graphics journal. And... fixing the layout.

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Aaaand, that's it. :x
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