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_wwe_divas's Journal

Divas Of The WWE!
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Welcome to the Divas Of The WWE community!

Diva Of The Month: This month's tournament will start on January 2014 and end around February 2014! It's a chance for all of you to vote for who you want to see featured on our layout.

Previous Divas of the Month: Dawn Marie, Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus, Christy Hemme, Trish Stratus (her second time), Christy Hemme (her second time), Stephanie McMahon, Trish Stratus (her third time), Lita, Mickie James, Christy Hemme (her third time), Maria Kanellis, Mickie James (her second time), Trish Stratus (her fourth time), Mickie James (her third time), Victoria, Lita (her second time), Victoria (her second time), Melina, Trish Stratus (her fifth time), Victoria (her third time), Mickie James (her fourth time), Lita (her third time), Torrie Wilson, Lilian Garcia, Mickie James (her fifth time), Jillian Hall, Mickie James (her sixth time), Lita (her fourth time), Lilian Garcia (her second time), Melina (her second time), Lilian Garcia (her third time), Stephanie McMahon (her second time), Lita (her fifth time), Victoria (her fourth time), Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Lita (her sixth time), Trish Stratus (her sixth time), Natalya (her second time), Melina (her third time), Natalya (her third time), Molly, Maria (her second time), Katie Lea, Maria (her third time), Melina (her fourth time), Eve, Natalya (her fourth time), Melina (her fifth time), Natalya (her fifth time), Melina (her sixth time), Katie Lea (her second time), Natalya (her sixth time), Beth (her second time), Jillian (her second time), Layla, Trish Stratus (her seventh time), Jillian (her third time), Gail Kim, Lita (her seventh time), Beth (her third time), Lita (her eighth time), Eve (her second time), Maryse, Lita (her ninth time), Eve (her third time), Beth (her fourth time), Maryse (her second time), Eve (her fourth time), AJ, Layla (her second time), Maryse (her third time), Eve (her fifth time), Natalya (her seventh time), Eve (her sixth time), Lilian Garcia (her fourth time), Stephanie McMahon, Natalya (her eighth time), Maryse (her fourth time), Eve (her seventh time), Maryse (her fifth time), Eve (her eighth time), Tamina, Eve (her ninth time), Lilian Garcia (her fifth time), Kaitlyn, Brie Bella, Lilian Garcia (her sixth time), Eve (her tenth time), Natalya (her ninth time)

This month: Natalya!

Diva of the Month Hall of Fame: Trish Stratus (February, 2006), Christy Hemme (May, 2006), Mickie James (October, 2006), Victoria (April 2007), Lita (June 2007), Mickie James (November 2007), Lilian Garcia (April 2008), Lita (October 2008), Trish Stratus (November 2008), Melina (January 2009), Natalya (February 2009), Maria (June 2009), Melina (January 2010), Natalya (March 2010), Jillian (September 2010), Beth (December 2010), Lita (May 2011), Eve (June 2011), Maryse (December 2011), Eve (March 2012), Stephanie McMahon (June 2012), Eve (February 2013), Lilian Garcia (June 2013), Natalya (August 2013)

Skank Of The Month: This month's tournament will start on January 2014 and end around February 2014! It's a chance for all of you to vote for who you like the least and a banner will be displayed here each month for the entire month showing the winner.

Previous Skanks of the Month: Ashley, Sable, Maryse, Ashley (her second time), Michelle McCool, Ashley (her third time), Michelle McCool (her second time), Shaniqua, Michelle McCool (her third time), Sable (her second time), Brie Bella, Shaniqua (her second time), Ashley (her fourth time), Brie Bella (her second time), Ashley (her fifth time), Michelle McCool (her fourth time), Brie Bella (her third time), Courtney Taylor, Lauren Mayhew, Ashley (her sixth time), Shaniqua (her third time), Sable (her third time), Michelle McCool (her fifth time), Victoria, Michelle McCool (her sixth time), Victoria (her second time), Jamie Keyes, Ashley (her seventh time), Sable (her fourth time), Ashley (her eighth time), Michelle McCool (her seventh time), Mickie James, Brie Bella (her fourth time), Kaitlyn, Kelly, Maria, Melina, Ashley (her ninth time), Rosa, Melina (her second time), Chyna, Rosa (her second time), Kelly (her second time), Michelle McCool (her eighth time), Mickie James (her second time), Ashley (her tenth time), Mickie James (her second time), Michelle McCool (her ninth time), Chyna (her second time), Mickie James (her third time), Sunny, Melina (her third time), Gail Kim, Chyna (her third time), Gail Kim (her second time), AJ, Candice, AJ (her second time), Mickie James (her fourth time)

This months Skank of the Month:

Skank of the Month - Hall of Fame: Ashley (October 2008), Michelle McCool (January 2009), Brie Bella (October 2009), Ashley (January 2010), Shaniqua (February 2010), Sable (March 2010), Michelle McCool (June 2010), Ashley (October 2011), Michelle McCool (August 2012), Mickie James (October 2012), Melina (January 2013), Chyna (March 2013)

Current Unified Divas Champion: AJ!

Claim a Diva, past or present or two Divas together or a Diva and a male wrestler and make graphics of them to get a pretty banner here. Alternatively check out the claim Hall of Fame here

Claim a Diva here and spam the community with pictures of her.

We also have a thread where you can claim your favourite piece of WWE Diva fandom - the divas themselves, relationships, moments, outfits, whatever. If you want to participate in that and get a banner, you can go here and do so!

On top of all that, we have some contests so everyone can get involved and have fun. :)

The moderators of this community are: kaleidoruby, huntsysswthrt and chicachellers

PLEASE READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING! If you break these rules you will get warned, and eventually, even banned!

1. No bashing, of the divas or members and no provoking of the members ormods. If there is a problem with someone, please contact the moderators. We do not tolerate bashing or provoking, and it will get you banned if you repeatedly ignore this rule.
2. If you're posting more than three icons, make an LJ-cut.
3. If you're posting pictures, put them behind a cut.
4. If you're posting news or pictures, credit your sources.
5. If you're posting spoilers put them under a cut.
6. Don't forget to credit the makers of any icons/sigs/graphics people post.
7. You are allowed to post Fan Fiction as long as it is behind an LJ-cut and they are rated PG-13 (Which just means no NC-17 fics, please!)
8. If possible, please condense posts. If you have a few different things to post about, you can post it all at once. Think of the member's friends lists, please!
9. Don't link to locked posts. Nobody wants to have to join a community just to see some icons.

Diva of the Year Winners! As voted by our members!

Save one to your user info and link it back to us to help promote our community!

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