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RULES. Follow them or you will be banned.
1.) You can claim anything wrestling centric. Wrestlers, moves, shows, quotes, clothes, etc. Your claims can be from the WWE brand, WCW, TNA or ECW.
2.) No sharing claims.
3.) 2 claims per person. If you link back to us in your info with a banner, you'll get two extra claims.
4.) No advertising other communities.
5.) Check the claims list before posting your claims to ensure you don't ask for something someone else has already claimed.
6.) Make your claims in a new post, NOT a comment, otherwise you get nothing.
7.) If you're leaving or deleting your journal make a post telling me. Otherwise you'll be permanately banned from this and any other community I own or co-own.
8.) Be respectful to the moderator and the other members. And I guess that's it, so get claiming! =)

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