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Virtual Wunderkammeren

We Collect Stuff....

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I tend to create a lot of "interactive" cartoons, and during one of my routine "yoinkages" of random images from http://fuzzysquid.com/LJ.php I came across this picture of an empty shelf. I knew I could have some fun with it, so Gladys, Edna, and Olive in _ewetopia_ grabbed it and added a few items. Of course, Louella wanted one too, so she's placed a few items on her own shelf in lifewithlouella!

If you like to draw and collect things, the name of the game is to copy THIS picture to your file and edit it using MS paint, photoshop or whatever you use to modify yur pictures to put items on your shelf.


You may want to add yourself or furry/cartoon character to the picture too. Other pictures of empty shelves are also welcome. I think this could turn out to be a very interesting project....

As an added feature there is also this empty room that participants can enjoy decorating...

And these are some of the injittiments I've enjoyed putting on our shelves so far...

This weird Triangle Thingie...!!!