Graffiti Wall...!!!

Many of you have probably already seen that "Add Your Name to The Wall" meme, and probably participated in it a few times. I have, but I've never been truly satisfied with the results. You never have a choice of what colour to use, where to put it or how big to make it, and if there are a lot of signatures you can't even SEE what you've done! I just took it a step farther and put my own spin on things, simply by yoinking the picture myself and doing it MY way with MS Paint! You are all welcome to add your names and/or pictures to the wall too! :)

I'd Rather have a bottle in Front of me than a Frontal Lobotomy...!

When I was about 10 years old I had an art teacher who said that someday soon these Chianti and Ruffino bottles in the baskets would be collector's items, so I went through a phase of collecting them. For awhile my room was starting to look like an Itallian Bistro!!  Now I miss those bottles and wish I still had at least one or two.  They'd look kind of cute hanging in the kitchen with some plastic grapes on the wall....