Carousel Horses to Decorate...

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The other day the computer game "Roller Coaster Tycoon" came free with my breakfast cereal but I still haven't played it yet. I don't usually play video games anyway, but the idea of designing my own amusement rides appeals to me. I've thought it would be fun to create a program that allows users to design their own CAROUSEL, but it might be kind of complex, especially if you want to decorate your own horses and animals like I do.

In my website, I have a colouring book customers can order with plain carousel horses you can decorate yourself using pencil crayon, markers, stickers, etc. I've even used some of these designs in my own embroidery, using the basic master carvers' body shapes but my own trappings such as lilacs, sunflowers, etc.

Here I have created an on-line version for players to decorate horses of their own. Feel free to save these to your own files and decorate them using MS Paint, photoshop, or whatever media turns your crank! :)

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