Asain Andy got me in trouble with my girlfriend.

diabetes isH I P: did you cheat on brooke haha no? why do you ask that?
diabetes isH I P: cause
diabetes isH I P: when she called last night
diabetes isH I P: you were like
diabetes isH I P: im busy
diabetes isH I P: and you werent wearing pants
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xsnot187: this is the greatest
HANNAH starrxo: what is?
xsnot187: niblet is really fucked up
HANNAH starrxo: hahaha
xsnot187: & like sleeping
xsnot187: so we're fucking with him
HANNAH starrxo: hasha how so
xsnot187: zach wrote WTF on him like in three places
xsnot187: & i put flour all over him
xsnot187: he woke up
HANNAH starrxo: hahahahahaha
xsnot187: we turned around
xsnot187: he talked some kinda of crappy drunken language
xsnot187: & went back to sleep
HANNAH starrxo: thats awesome
xsnot187: & we're still doing shit
xsnot187: what else should we do?
xsnot187: WTF is in need of your help
xsnot187: it's his birthday, it needs to be special
HANNAH starrxo: hmmm
xsnot187: memorible
HANNAH starrxo: well i say put more stuff on him
xsnot187: nice
xsnot187: ok
xsnot187: brb
xsnot187: hahahaha
xsnot187: hw woke up
HANNAH starrxo: hahaha ahaha
xsnot187: said fuck you
HANNAH starrxo: i love it
xsnot187: & put more shit on him
xsnot187: hahaha
HANNAH starrxo: hahaha
xsnot187: then was like thats gay im high
xsnot187: he's asleep agaoin already
HANNAH starrxo: hahahaha
HANNAH starrxo: awesome
xsnot187: oh man
xsnot187: he's up
xsnot187: hahaha
HANNAH starrxo: whats he saying
xsnot187: he's now realizing what happened
xsnot187: nothing at all
xsnot187: "i dont even know what you've been doing but fuck you guys"
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Sparkle x Mosh

Orlando and moreCollapse )

well WTF? does have much to show from Orlando :( BUT! we have a good amount of video. so im going to get the WTF? site up & running soon. we are also working on a movie "Niblet & Furby's Stoned Jounry" which will basically be a really stupid low budget half-baked knock off kinda movie. Also "a day in the life of an incredibly fashionable wanna-be scenster" which will be Kevin dressed retard like that, mock a couple of key people & it will feature the most bad ass touf d00d band xSparkle Motionx. they bring the fucking sparkle mosh, only Pat be knowing about the Sparkle Mosh. well thats my update. rock.
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in my biology class, my teacher was talking about genes or something I don't know. She was like "...he nicknamed this the "p generation"
and I was like "miss, can you repeat that"
and she was like "p"
and of course, I smiled.
and she was like mad I guess.
She attempted to kill my joke by saying "p..p, p, p, p, p, p, p, p, p on myself p p p "

the coolest band ever!

Brujeria is definantly the coolest band ever! they are a death metal mexican band that also happens to run a major drug cartel. they think Pablo Escobar is a hero to all spanish people, which in fact Pablo Escobar was like the Spanish Hitler. they cant play shows in the US coz the police will try to arrest them so we'll never see them :( they're even on a major record label same as slipknot & glassjaw.

Hightimes article

Roadrunner Records
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Orlando In Flames

some members of WTF? are going to Orlando for a wekend. we'll be tagging it up burining it down, you know how we do. so look forward to great pictures & unforunatily for us[but not Hollis] there well probably be pictures of Kevin naked again.. be back soon!

p.s. if we're not back in 10 days send a searchh party
(i dunno why, i just always wanted to say that :) ]
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im going to start on the site soon so....

available domain names for us:
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Im missin out on some wonderful WTF? action here. Brad ask your parents if i can rejoin the group...tell them im a decent person now, and make up stories about how i fucking save animals from zoos and shit. and tell them i have a dominoz.
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