whats da deal with this community basically dying? it never was anything huge.... i say we change this NOW!

plus does anyone know of a place where we can get a good FREE message board?
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WTF in action!

tonight BSN's hood got an egg drive by. before that we had an idea it might have been a certain person. so i got my bag or tricks ready. turns out it wasnt who we thought it was so i unleashed my WTF rage on random houses. it resulted in me getting a blow up Homer Simpson for my front yard. noice. most of WTF will be focusing on girlscouts & having a kick ass new years this week. this is just a quick info post & a reminder to my peeps of girlscouts. so long from WTF for now...
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shocking IMs

MotionKid420: lol i cant believe john turned gay in boca
xsnot187: hahahaha
MotionKid420: well im not that suprised actually
MotionKid420: but still

Yesterdays4ever: ah i dont care who got who in the ass thats fucking gross
Yesterdays4ever: i hate that gay kids can breathe

Nique IMed me & that was his icon. i showed Furby & this was his reaction.
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