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_wtb_icontest__'s Journal

A random icon challenge with a twist.
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this is an icon challenge with a twist. Here there will be a series over 16 weeks and people will make icons and the one/s will the less votes will be removed from the competetion. but dont fret after the 16 weeks you can compete again for the 2nd series.
1.The icons must be yours.
2.reply with the image and url
like this:
3.follow all rules with the competetion. theres no basic rules because it will vary.
4.no drama, no sore losers, and no cheating
6. if your a maker reply to first entry and tell me.
7. if your a voter do the same.
8. if i find out your not making or voting i will ban you from the community
9. no stealing, if i catch you you will be banned.
10. have fun