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ok i decided that for a lil bit its just going to be an icontest without anyone getting kicked off for a lil bit. sooo. im going to post the first challenge.

Challenge 1: Colors

This challenge is colors which bacially means that you can do any icon, just needs color in it, bright, vivid, dull, pastel, just needs color.

-you can enter up to 3 icons
-interpet it anyway you would like
-animation, lightng effects, text, etc, IS accepted
-must fit lj standards (40kb, 100x100)
-icons due Monday Nov.14

these are acceptable:
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

Form For entering:
Image hosted by
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ok guys we need to promote the hell out of this. im going to start the first contest as soon as we get 16 makers so if you could kindly help me out here it would be greatly appreciated!
thanks :D

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hello all and welcome to: Whos the best icon test this is a community where you compete to be the best icon maker. and at the end the winner wil get a special prize. you never know what its going to be. i was thinkng about free paid accounts... i dont know yet.

but here you reply to me with:
-if your a contestant or just a voter
-if you want to be an affliate
-if you have any ideas/quotes/etc... for contests
-if you can make layouts/banners/blinkies/icons/etc (just to know what i can base the tests on.
-any questions/comments concerns.