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Writers Anonymous is a place for writers of all styles, fanfiction, original fiction, slash, to come together and review, beta and discuss people's works. There are no cut and dry real rules for this community, just the common sense stuff. There will also be a challenge that is updated each month. I may miss a few, but only if I'm not home for some reason or other.

1. Be honest, but be nice. If you honestly hated someone's story, then DO NOT just tell them that it sucks. Give the poor writer a reason and a few tips.

2. Try to comment on as many stories or post whatever about writing as you can. We want to keep this place active. Most writing comms have died.

3. Try to keep your posts on topic. Your comments can be as off topic as you like, but PLEASE make an effort to make most of the convo's writing related.

4. Please when posting ANYTHING that you wrote, follow this format:

(poem/ original fiction/ fanfiction):
Chapter #(s):

Put an LJ cut here! For the love of god! LJ CUT IT! I will delete your post if it is not beind a cut. No questions asked, no warnings, you can post it again with a LJ cut. (For those of you that don't know, an Lj cut is: (lj-cut text="Insert Text Here") with < and > instead of ( and ).

5. Follow the same format for the challenges as for your regular fics.

Challenge 1:
~Must contain the phrase, "Holy God! The duck is attacking X!" (X being one of your main characters)
~Must have an armidillo somewhere in the story.
~Can be as long as you want