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The Secret Coconut Multifandom Fanfic Exchange: Round 4 Sign-Ups Open [22 Aug 2011|02:47pm]

The Secret Coconut is a fanfic exchange hosted at stseiya_fanfics. You can request fanfics in any fandom you wish, as long as you're able to write stories in at least one of our Featured Fandoms (click here to find a list). All characters, pairings and genres are welcome. :-) Fics only need to be 800 words long--although longer stories are much appreciated too.

Our fic exchange offers all participants the possibility to choose their own assignments, as long as they act fast when the prompt claiming phase begins. Please click here for more details, rules and the exchange's full schedule. Then, click here to sign up and submit your prompts. If you're curious, you can also click here to see what our participants have been requesting.

If you like the idea of exchanging fanfics with other writers in a friendly environment, consider signing up for the Secret Coconut. Hope to see you there! ^__^


Mon première entrée! [25 Sep 2010|02:34am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

hello all :)
I have a deep love for writing, particularly songs and poetry, so onward to the good stuff!

Title: Where We Began
Author: monroe_west 
Rating: pg (correct me if I am wrong please)
Warnings: um, innuendo?
Type: poem, for all intensive purposes
Complete: very much so
Summary: An a-typical relationship?



[Fic] When Sirens Play Matchmaker - NC-17 - 2/3 [09 Sep 2010|08:24pm]

A/N: Posted in ladyknightanka. Read and comment there, please. Thanks for your feedback!

Title: When Sirens Play Matchmaker
Author: [info]ladyknightanka - this is still me.
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Kripke and other producers. I make no profit from this, save having fun. Underlined things aren't mine.
Rating: M
Warnings: NC-17 for graphic sexual encounters, slash, coarse language, violence, Wincest, etc. Spoilers for S-4.14: Sex and Violence, and S-4.19: Jump the Shark.
Summary: According to the siren, Dean's perfect match is not a pretty girl, but a brother he can trust and love without fear of betrayal. Sam may not match up, but Adam is a wish come true. Kind of.
Pairings: Past Dean/Siren, Dean/Adam, with mentions of Sam/Ruby.
Other Parts: First, Second, Last.

“I like my men a little battle-scarred. Gonna be a doctor just to feed my habit, ya know?” )


Firefly fan fiction beta needed :) [24 Aug 2010|09:18pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Title: Rebirth
Author: butterfly.sting
Rating: Teen, maybe lower
Some swearing in Chinese. Some mild description of violent injuries...
Type (poem/ original fiction/ fanfiction): Fanfiction
Chapter #(s): 1
The crew of Serenity don't really know much about Abbey. All they know is that she knew Inara, and she's fleeing a seemingly violent past, but doesn't like to talk about it. Mostly everyone respects this, but Jayne just can't help his curiosity...

Which is a short summary, but all I had room to write on ff dot net. What else I can say is that it's a drama/general fiction with romance undercurrents. It deals primarily with my OC Abbey's journey in figuring out who she is and where she belongs after major upheaval in her previously secure life. It deals secondarily with her romance with Jayne, how he reacts to being in a relationship (an possibly even that word he'd never utter), how her relationship with him helps her a bit with her issues. It's set before the movie, after the series, and pretending as though the comics don't exist as I haven't read them yet.


Ch. 1 under hereCollapse )


As far as beta help goes I'm looking for two kinds.
Firstly, someone to discuss general concepts with. Someone I can pose questions to about my character, her backstory, and my plans for future chapters. Preferably someone with pretty good cannon knowledge, because a lot of my questions will probably deal with whether something is plausible to cannon or not.
Secondly, a traditional beta who can review a few chapters at a time before I post them on my ff dot net for general grammar, spelling, and flow issues. Little to no cannon knowledge necessary for this one.

So anyone who can fulfill both these roles or one, comment here and we can figure out how we'll do it all, depending on what's good for you and which role you can fill. Any general feedback on the chapter posted welcome too.
Thanks in advance :)



Saving Dean Winchester 1/? [09 Aug 2010|08:12pm]

Title: Saving Dean Winchester
Still me - ladyknightanka
Warnings: Slash, het, coarse language, etc.
Type: Fanfiction - Supernatural
Chapter #(s): 1/?
Complete?: No
Castiel Novak is the doctor assigned to Adam, a recently diagnosed diabetic. However, it's the eleven year old's older brother, Dean, who captures his attention, and it's Dean who is saved in the end.

("Tragic...? Like, the Romeo and Juliet double-suicide kinda tragic?")


When Sirens Play Matchmaker 1/3 [21 Jul 2010|06:43pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

A/N: Posted on ladyknightanka. My first Wincest and complete multi-chapter fic!

Title: When Sirens Unwittingly Play Matchmaker
Author: [info]ladyknightanka - this is still me.
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Kripke and other producers. I make no profit from this, save having fun.
Rating: M
Warnings: NC-17 for graphic sexual encounters, slash, coarse language, violence, Wincest, etc. Spoilers for S-4.14: Sex and Violence, and S-4.19: Jump the Shark. Underlined things aren't mine.
Summary: According to the siren, Dean's perfect match is not a pretty girl, but a brother he can trust and love without fear of betrayal. Sam may not match up, but Adam is a wish come true. Kind of.
Pairings: Dean/Siren, Dean/Adam, with mentions of Sam/Ruby and Sam/Dr. Roberts. Very slight Sam/Siren.

(“Dean doesn't need some bitch in a g-string. He wants a little brother who looks up to him, who he can trust. Adam can give him the best of both worlds.”)

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FYI [24 Jun 2010|08:00pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I've created a page thing where if you have any original fiction you can post it there but it has to be completely original, not just based on someone elses idea or a tv show.
Hope to see you there and sorry for clogging up this thread but I didn't know how else to publise it.


Winchesters' Angels [23 Jun 2010|03:03pm]

A/N: ladyknightanka is my new journal. This was originally written for this prompt, but I liked it, so I thought I'd share. First SPN slash! :D

Title: Winchesters' Angels (More Badass Than Charlie's)
Author: ladyknightanka - this is still me.
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Kripke and other producers. I make no profit from this, save having fun.
Rating: M
Warnings: Language, slash, mentions of violence. Not too graphic, I think. Spoilers up to S-5.21: Swan Song.
Summary: Castiel is Dean's angel, Gabriel is Sam's, and Michael is Adam's.
Pairings: Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabe, Adam/Mike

(All Winchesters should have an Angel...

x-posted a lot.


travels [29 May 2010|05:28pm]

[ mood | busy busy ]

I forgot to tel everyone about this, but for graduation, I finaggled and twisted things around, and managed to talk family into another trip to England. And with some creative financial arrangement on everyon's part, we managed to do so.

I'm rushed, so this won't be the most informative entry ever, but I promise to do better later today hopefully.

We spent the last two days in London touring the tourist traps of the city, which were totally wonderful, because even touristy stuff here is historical. Last night, we made the most mad dash I've ever done to the train station, including our best impressions of sardines on the tube, and sprinted through the station, knocking people over and causing mayhem, to make our Train to Bath. It was interesting, and funny in hindsight, so it'll get a lengthy explanation when I have more time.

We're touring Oxford today, and the train is leaving fiarly soon, so I must go. And sorry about typos, new keyboard, rushed typing, not a good combo.

More from here later.



Mokona Drop [25 May 2010|02:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

A/N: Subaru is an interesting character to write, in my opinion. He's very well-mannered and kind, but he's also really sad. I tried to capture that, though I feel as though I didn't give baby!Kamui enough personality. However, that should be remedied the next chapter, where the two get to interact some more. Please give me feedback so I know that I'm doing okay. :)

Mokona Drop
Fandom: X-1999, Tokyo Babylon, other CLAMP works.
Status: Incomplete - 2/?
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own X1999, Tokyo Babylonmiscellaneous CLAMP works, or Usagi Drop. The characters and places within these manga/anime belong to their respective creators.
Warnings: Shounen-ai, Subaru angst, violence, child-rearing, etc. Basically, whatever I think to throw at you.
Author: angel_gospel  (theladypendragon)
Eventual SeishirouxSubaru, hints of FuumaxKamui.
After his sister's abandonment and eventual death, Subaru has lost all reason to live. But the one remnant of his sister, her infant son, opens his eyes and makes him realize that he can no longer live behind his late twin's shadow.

In which Hokuto dies...)
(Chapter One:
Subaru reads his sister's will and makes a life-changing decision...)


The Wizard's Apprentice 5 [22 May 2010|08:44pm]

A/N: I'm really happy with how this is coming along, but please leave me feedback, as I'd love to hear what you think. I actually do revise based on it and I think it can make me better. I'm also in a creative mood and have the constant urge to write.

The Wizard's Apprentice
Author: angel_gospel  (theladypendragon)
Rating: M
Disclaimer: The plot is mine, as are my original characters, but some of the characters, names, and places belong to the Arthurian canon.
Warnings: Hints of slash, and confusing Welsh words. I apologize for my obscenely long author's note. Don't read if you think you can't stomach it.
Genre: Fantasy, adventure, family, drama, angst, romance.
Summary: To his mother, he is but a tool. To his father, a curse. Mordred lives his life fearing a prophecy, foretelling the end of his father's empire. A chance meeting with Merlin's flighty yet powerful apprentice leaves him with more than just a faint attraction, but hope. Is it possible to overcome one's preordained fate? It is if one's a Wizard's lover.
Excerpt and Link: "I silently bade hello to my new home." ~Mordred


How Can I Live? [31 Mar 2010|07:48pm]

A/N: I wrote this for the one and only -- and recently created -- Adam Milligan Winchester fan community here on LJ. Please go check it out if you're a fan of Supernatural: adamwinchester. Any form of fandom that's Adam related is allowed: fanfic, fanart, fanvid, discussion post, etc. I hope to see you there. ^^

Title: How Can I Live?
Rating: T for language
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and situations in Supernatural. Although, I would really, really like to -- or at least the Winchester brothers.
Warnings: This is pretty tame. Some language, small instances of non-graphic violence, etc.
Author: angel_gospel (theladypendragon)
Summary/Link: ("Now that he's here to stay, we have to ease Adam into our lives as gently as possible," Sam says. Apparently, Dean doesn't understand the meaning of 'ease'. Winchester brothers fluff.)


Happy Women day~~ as if we need one!! [09 Mar 2010|03:38am]


International Women Day!!!

And tomorrow what? back to men's dominating attitude and stubborn mentalities?

Today you will hear what I have to say?

Today you smile instead of mocking?

Today you realise I'm a valuable asset and dismiss my valuable ass

Today I'm Angelou's Phenomenal woman, tomorrow I'm Agnolo's phenomenal Venus


You can no longer force me to cook your meals and continuously clean

Lucky indeed

I no longer need your love to feel complete


Unlucky in need

Of your love to feel complete

I am not that strong..I don't want to be

I am smart..will always be

smart enough to sit next to you

To rule as you do

To inspire and to lead

To make you feel complete

To drive you mad..make you scream

To double your heartbeat

I am a woman see..

The secret to my strength

Lies deep within me

Touch me deep

And the secret is yours

A weapon for you to keep

A weapon to protect a Powerful

Willingly Powerless


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"Grey Without You" (a short story) [01 Mar 2010|11:28am]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Title: "Grey Without You"
Author: mono_chr0matic 
Rating: pg-13 (language, innuendo)
Warnings: other than some foul language and a dirty joke or two, I'm coming up blank.
Type: original fiction
Complete: definitely.
Summary: two best friends, one sunny may day, an ounce of trouble.


read more...Collapse )


Silent Song 5 [11 Jan 2010|07:37pm]

A/N: Yo! Guess what, guys? I'm baaaaack! And I have presents. ^___^

Title: Silent Song
Author: angel_gospel  (aka. TheLadyPendragon)
Fandom: Original
Genre: Romance, drama, family, music
Pairing: OMCxOMC
Rating: T, though it might increase.
Disclaimer: Mine, mine, mine. xD
Warnings: Angst, language, slash.
Summary: Carmen survived the tragic accident that stole his parents and his voice. He thinks he can now handle anything. Throw in a playboy therapist and an overprotective, mysterious new guardian. Now he's not so sure anymore. Slash, MxM. Rating may increase.

- Prologue - Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five -


Boy Bride Chapter 8 [30 Dec 2009|09:36pm]


A/N: After a really, really long break, I have returned to writing. Here's chapter eight of Boy Bride. I think I've improved as a writer! Yay! ^__^

Title: Boy Bride
Fandom: Original
Genre: Romance, angst, drama, fantasy, mythology, humor.
Pairing: OMCxOMC
Rating: M
Author: Angel_Gospel (aka, TheLadyPendragon)
Disclaimer: Mine. Roar!
Warnings: Language, sexual content, violence, slash, relationship with a minor, mentions of mpreg, etc.
Summary: A gay prince, an unintentionally sexy foreigner, and the meddling Wizard who just wants them to get laid. Everyone else is just along for the ride. A fairy-tale unlike any you've ever read. MxM, Slash, Yaoi, Possible Mpreg.

--Prologue--Chapter One--Chapter Two--Chapter Three--Chapter Four--Chapter Five--Chapter Six--Chapter Seven--


The Wizard's Apprentice Ch 3 [07 Aug 2009|02:52pm]

[ mood | creative ]

A/N: This chapter has the sweetest kiss in it. I hope you like it --- personally, I do. You might have missed the last chapter, as I'm unsure whether I advertised it, so read that, too. :)

Title: The Wizard's Apprentice
Author: angel_gospel
Rating: M
Disclaimer: The plot is mine, as are my original characters, but some of the characters, names, and places belong to the Arthurian canon.
Warnings: Hints of slash, and confusing Welsh words. Language, and a kiss between two boys. 
Genre: Fantasy, adventure, family, drama, angst, romance.
Summary: A curse to his father and a tool to his mother, Prince Mordred has always been a servant of fate. Upon meeting a certain, seductive Roman Wizard, apprentice to Merlin, he realizes that one must make their own fate, and together they recreate destiny.

Excerpt and Link: "I could feel his quick breaths against my lips, could feel the heat of his blush, could feel the silkiness of the soft brown lock I’d curled around my finger. And, before I could really think about it, I pressed my lips to his." ~ Mordred


[22 Jun 2009|10:25am]
was wondering if there is  anyone willing to help with critiquing for a portfolio I am putting together. Any suggestions would be a major help. 
message on lj <3 or comment

much love


Valproxan (will most likely be retitled) [20 Jun 2009|06:19pm]


Title: Valproxan

Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, Death
Type: Original Fiction
Chapter #: 1
Complete?: Chapter, yes. Story, no.
Summary: Ien's always been a little strange, but he's also always been close to his brother, Xan. But what happens when Ien's strangeness turns out to be much more-- something sinister? A Psychological thriller of sorts, this story outlines Ien's downward spiral following the murder of his brother.

Fake cut to journal


The Glass Kingdom -1- [30 May 2009|09:52pm]

[ mood | creative ]

A/N: This is my first post on LJ. Please give me feedback -- I'd really like to know what people think of this series. Thank you. The links lead to my fictionpress acount, where all the chapters will be archived. Please give this story a chance -- I think it has potential. It isn't really R rated, though, but it might be, if I get comfortable. I used to be, and still am, a predominantly slash author, so I'm semi-uncomfortable with too much non-slash intimacy. Tell me how I'm doing.

Title: The Glass Kingdom
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance, Humor, Young Adult, Fantasy
Rating: 15+
Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Summary: Jazz is a quirky and practical girl. She has a minor talent in Seeing -- catching snatches of alternate realities and brief glimpses into the near future -- but this has never seriously impacted her conventional life. That is, until she finds out that she is the Seer -- a mythical being on whom the decisions of an entire world depends.
Disclaimer/Copyright: I do not own lines from Edgar Allen Poe's Alone, nor do I own the concept of Hakunamatata. However, I do own all of the characters and places, as they are products of my imagination, and any resemblance to real people or places is purely coincidental or used in a fictitious manner.
Excerpt/Link: It's the calm before the storm -- and like all the great storms before it, it was of the female persuasion.

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