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I've created this community as a way for people to come together and talk about important issues that the world faces. Issues including, government, abortion, pro-choice, racism, equal rights, gay rights, animal rights, human rights, the death penalty, government corruption, war, religion, etc.
This is a place for people to talk about these issues, how they feel about them, what they believe should be done. We don't all have the answers, but maybe if we come together jointly we can put our minds together and stand together and make a change.
I started this community in honor of the March For Women that took place on April 25th, 2004. I couldn't find any information on how I, living in Minnesota, could get there. I just wasn't looking at the right sites, at the right information. I'm pissed! I dont want this to happen to anyone anymore. So please post about events going on and ways for people to join in these events, even if they dont live in the area!
By the way, this community is generally:
Animal Rights
Equal Rights
Clean Earth
Gay Rights
Just a warning.
Please join!