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Synchronized Chaos Magazine invites visual and written submissions

All artists and writers in this community are invited to submit work to the literary/artistic/cultural/nature and travel writing/scientific webzine Synchronized Chaos. ( This includes novel excerpts - we encourage novelists to provide some description of the project along with the excerpt and a link where the whole piece may be purchased. We also do book reviews for fiction and nonfiction.

Information on the zine and how to submit, from the Facebook group :

The brainchild of some of my friends and colleagues, along with myself, the publication provides thoughtful art/cultural/literary/scientific/social commentary/essay material. Our title comes from the mathematical concept of chaos theory - the study of whether we can find order in systems which seem to be random at first glance, whether anything in nature can be proved to be truly random or whether some systems just seem that way because we don't know enough about the initial conditions. This is a social experiment and a fun way to stay coherent without limiting our contributors' creativity or having to turn away excellent work because it isn't a fit.

Synchronized Chaos exists to help the aspiring artists we constantly meet to get their names out there and spotlight some excellent work which should have an audience! We frequently drop the names of our contributors to people in our professional networks and also encourage people on the site to contact and ask each other for mentoring and professional advice.

Everyone's invited to submit (and everything should be accepted, unless it's obscene or hateful with no redeeming social value.) If you are interested please send a submission via email anytime - and we will get back to you.

We're online at with a lovely format designed by Tabitha Smith ( and invite you to peruse our website.

We are not a paying market as of yet but hope to become one as we grow and sell advertising and/or accept finders' fees from galleries and magazines. Our online contents will remain free to provide artists and writers with the greatest level of exposure possible.

So far, over the nearly two years we've produced our magazine, we have received a good variety of submissions, and look forward to more! We're also chaos_zine on LJ and would be a publishing credit for any visual artist or writer to put on his/her bio or proposal or resume. Also, this is a way to collect and produce a set of writing samples or an artistic portfolio, which employers and galleries often request.

You may either pitch or send a completed product (attachments OK but we prefer writing or thumbnails or JPEG images pasted in the body of the email.) Please put "Synchronized Chaos Submission" in the subject line and please feel free to include an artist statement or bio.

Also - our magazine is as much about building community and relationships among and with artists as it is about publication. We'd be happy to see artists and writers post and discuss work with each other in chaos_zine or on the Facebook page and would be glad to comment/critique or dialogue with you about your work if you would like.

I was a science and technical journalist in California for a few years before developing this magazine project, and the most rewarding aspect of my job was meeting and learning from so many fascinating people who were deeply committed to their personal or professional projects and fields of study. Many people would probably never think twice about African fly collections or translucent pastel mosaics - but they likely would, once they met someone who loved their work and possessed a deep passion and interest in what they were doing. Synchronized Chaos is a way to continue this learning process and bring the work out to the general public, while encouraging and networking on behalf of our contributors.

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