Maiden M. Novacula (pityingmaiden) wrote in _world_issues,
Maiden M. Novacula

The Mining Company Ascendant Copper is trying to present a false impression of its relation with the communities in the area of Intag, in northwestern Ecuador. The Ascendant Copper claims that opposition is from only one environmental organization. On the contrary, every local government in Intag region opposes the Junín mining project, and the County and Provincial governments oppose it as well.
The position of Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag -DECOIN's position is clear: it is opposed to the Junín mining project because of sound legal, environmental, political, and social reasons. Likewise, the Consejo de Desarrollo Comunitario continues to express its opposition to Ascendant's presence in the Junín area, and has stated that it will not rest until Ascendant leaves the area for good, and will continue restricting access to the company's claimed concession.
On December 06, Ascendant Copper’s contractor Falericorp was denounced by an ecuadorian prestigious human rights organization, the Ecumenical Human Rights Commission (CEDHU), for organizing its workers into a paramilitary force. These armed individuals used tear-gas and fired weapons aimed at key community members, in an attempt to access land claimed by Ascendant Copper. [The video of the violence may be downloaded on
This facts increased local, regional, and national opposition to the project.

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