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Our campaign against European biofuel targets now continues, as the EU are
consulting on proposals for future legislation. The EU are consulting on
‘sustainability standards’, but they make it clear that they cannot stop new
biofuel monocultures from pushing palm or soya plantations for food, or other
agricultural activities further into the rainforests. Under the proposed
standards, companies would have an incentive to sell palm oil or soya from land
logged in the past for biodiesel and cut down more forest for food or animal
feed. Moreover, biofuels from plantations where people have been poisoned by
pesticides, evicted or even killed will still be classed as ‘sustainable’.
Biofuels drive up the prices of palm oil, soya and sugar cane, all linked
directly to the rate of rainforest destruction. Only an end to targets and
incentives can bring hope to the world’s remaining rainforests and to many
communities in the global South.

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