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World Issues

Not to offend, but I do not believe are the answer to all of our world issues. Equal rights, gay rights, pro-choice all fall among one category and that is individuality. By no means should this be a societal or global issue (maybe for democracy however) because a real society is built upon the whole, not the individual. Aristotle was rightly against democracy because it lacked leadership and is goalless. Maybe you think that Aristotle is a fool? No matter, look upon our situation. See how the Roman Empire had declined and fell.

Rights are not the answer to our current situation. We can observe our environmental and social changes within the past 100 years. Was it for the better?

This is not meant to be argued, I just want you to think. Are we truly progressing toward a better future? We have enough freedom, rights and money. Even after all is said and done, are we truly happy as a whole?


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