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Diet change to kick start weight loss?

would it be healthy if I ate just veggies and low fat proteins & dairy for awhile? I'm thinking like something like this: a milk & protein powder morning smoothie w/fiber added -- a lunch & dinner of salad or veggies & low fat proteins (like tofu, non-fat cottage cheese, lean chicken) - in a nutshell I'd be getting my fiber & carbs from vegetables and my protein from dark veggies, dairy & healthy protein options (dropping fatty meats, desserts, fluffy foods like pizza, burittos, etc).

- I am trying to get over a stall on my weight loss - where for every pound of fat I've lost in the last year I've gained water or muscle to match or pass so - in a nutshell, losing fat but not losing any "total weight" and I know I have to lose 20 or 30 lbs - so the scale SHOULD go down/ I am suspicious it's some kinda insulin/hormone thing countering my improved diet with resistance to shed any weight.

I did Atkins in 2002 after my first kiddo & it worked, I've not done it again but I think it does somehow reset the insulin meter. Not that I'm doing Atkins now - but it's very similar.


So at my gym when I use the elliptical machine, I use this one: http://www.precor.com/comm/efx/546i/

As of recent, I've been doing the intervals program for an hour. Would the weight loss program be best for me though since I'm trying to lose weight? I've been told intervals always gives you the best result, but it's just when I think weight loss program, it just triggers as best in my head since it clearly states that. Sorry if I sound like a moron. Hah.

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Today I did my leg lifts (20 pounds each), Torso twists (50 pounds), Arm pull downs (40 pounds), but mostly I spent 30 minutes on the stationary bike on level 4 and (travelled) four miles. I watched Oprah while I was on the bike. Chris Rock was one of her guests and he always makes me laugh. That's probably why I stayed on the bike for half an hour. Usually I would only do about 15 minutes. My legs felt spongy when I got off the bike. I also worked up quite a sweat.
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So Far So Good

As promised, I went to the spa today. As I didn't sleep too well last night, I didn't workout very long. My lack of exercise yesterday is what kept me awake last night. I need physical activity every day just to tire myself out and to keep myself feeling relaxed and calm inside. I'm pretty tired right so I should sleep well tonight and have a much better workout tomorrow.

There's a lot of anxiety these days and I'm not immune. Right now I'm too tired to think about anything. That's a good thing!
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Goal: Go to Spa Daily

Okay, that's the plan. To go to the spa every day. Well it was rainy and dreary today and I just didn't feel like it. Very poor excuse. But I did go on Monday and Tuesday. Each time I use 15 different exercise machines, ride the stationary bike for 15 minutes and occasionally swim at least one lap and then bake in the hot tub for about 15 minutes. I feel so much better when I exercise as it's a great mood equalizer. So far, my mental landscape has improved more than my physical body. But I do think I'm a little bit stronger. I started in July 2008, but I have missed a considerable amount of days. I have every intention of remedying that. I think this community will help me to keep my focus.


So I've been keeping up with my workouts since i got back from camp. at camp i gained at least 5 pounds due to high bread and pasta intake. last week i weighed in and was back down to pre-camp weight but today at the gym i noticed that my legs look horrible. I do pageants so i have to look toned. i found out that legs are the key to swimsuit. for the judges it apparently determines how fit the person is. my problem is how do i tone them especially the back?

My workout:
         30-45 of cardio
         2 sets of 10 triceps
         3 sets of 15 each side dumbbell bends
         60 lunges with weights 10 pounds
         40 squats with weights 20 pounds

the front of my legs are looking better but the overall effect is disgusting. any suggestions

realization is motivation

I decided exercise is to weight loss like paying off principal is to debt (i.e. more then the minimum payment but wo/it the debt hardly goes down) - so if I calculate how much I have to reduce in calories to drop weight: It's really hard to do. But if I take an hour of exercise off that then suddenly it makes the calorie goal reasonable, so I can eat something reasonable, exercise and lose. Wo/the exercise it's really hard, maybe impossible, to drop weight in a healthy way.

k, that's it for me. (Mon - nothing, Tues - 1 hour Yoga, Weds 1 hour step-class, Thurs- night off, Fri - 45 mins elliptical & 30 mins walking, Sat- 45 mins pilate/yoga mix, 20 mins weights). good week.
Weight Loss - "Goals"

Update on My Weight Loss

Just to let everyone know I am still alive and kicking here. We did a Biggest Loser contest at work and I started at 165.00 and am now down to 149.00 (according to the scales at work). At home I am sitting about 145-147 pounds (the lowest I have been in a few years), which I am very proud of. IT has not been easy to get where I am alot of healthy eating and hard work. What I am working on now is toning more and just loosing maybe 5 more pounds at the most. I do a step class and a bootcamp circuit class twice a week, and am thinking of adding a third class to the mix. My overall body looks and feels stronger, just gotta work on getting rid of the pouch.

Just wanted to let you guys know about my progress :D
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"The soundtrack to my life seems to be on repeat."
I am sure I have heard that somewhere, maybe not.
Either way... That is how I feel.

My life usually goes in this cycle:

1. I get on an amazing health kick and get into shape. I feel amazing about myself and look great.
2. I realize I haven't been going out much so I haven't really met any guys.
3. I start to go out more and drink more, meanwhile my health kick ends.
4. I meet a ton of guys and hook up all the time.
5. I start to feel shitty about myself.
6. I cry because I am fat.
7. I start working out again and meet a guy.
8. I think I am in love.
9. The guy acts obsessed
10. He runs away
11. I cry and think life is over.
12. I feel fat again.
13. I write an entry like this
14. and then continue to think about how stupid it is that I do this.

No seriously, the cycle ends here (again, i have said this many times). I am done caring anymore. I am going to try and go with the flow. It's not worth the heart ache.

I am longboard skateboarding 18 miles tomorrow to raise money for Boarding for Breast Cancer.
It is about time I stop thinking about MYSELF and do something for a cause.
I am excite. yeeeeehawwww....

love life.

4 months left to lose 2008 weight ?

It is a bit frustrating to go all of 2008 exercising and mostly eating 1200 to 1450 calories and still not drop weight. I've shed some fat density but not lost weight in sum total I'm actually up a couple pounds since Jan 08, where I came in at 160, and now I'm at 165. :S My bmi chart says I should be at 135 and even adding 10 lbs for muscular build doesn't explain why I can't drop weight.

It seems it must be the types of calories I'm getting and not the quantitiy, and maybe the size of meals and not the daily total ? Any ideas? One of my work out emails reminded me today to not go below 1200 calories or it kicks in fat-storing/muscle burning mode, and ruins the metabolism. I guess the way to lose weight is to exercise 5 hours/week and eat more veggies and less fatty sodium filled easy foods - but I don't know. I am frustrated.

I thought I could've lost 20 or 30 lbs in a year but I can't seem to shed more then 5. I hit 160 and then come back to 165 and even 170 and then back down to 165 - mostly there. :S

It's tempting to try one of those overpriced premade-all your meals concepts to just control what kinds of foods I eat, then I'd at least know if it's that or the exercise element, or something else!