Alli (neugotik) wrote in _workoutplan,

Diet change to kick start weight loss?

would it be healthy if I ate just veggies and low fat proteins & dairy for awhile? I'm thinking like something like this: a milk & protein powder morning smoothie w/fiber added -- a lunch & dinner of salad or veggies & low fat proteins (like tofu, non-fat cottage cheese, lean chicken) - in a nutshell I'd be getting my fiber & carbs from vegetables and my protein from dark veggies, dairy & healthy protein options (dropping fatty meats, desserts, fluffy foods like pizza, burittos, etc).

- I am trying to get over a stall on my weight loss - where for every pound of fat I've lost in the last year I've gained water or muscle to match or pass so - in a nutshell, losing fat but not losing any "total weight" and I know I have to lose 20 or 30 lbs - so the scale SHOULD go down/ I am suspicious it's some kinda insulin/hormone thing countering my improved diet with resistance to shed any weight.

I did Atkins in 2002 after my first kiddo & it worked, I've not done it again but I think it does somehow reset the insulin meter. Not that I'm doing Atkins now - but it's very similar.
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