They say a picture is worth one thousand words..

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About the Community

“They say a picture is worth one thousand words, but we prefer the words.”

This community was created on September 9, 2002 with the intention for people on livejournal to share any sort of written art. Since it’s creation, handfuls of people have used it to share various types of literature they have written.

I would like to keep the point of creation of this community alive, so I invite anybody of livejournal to freely post in this journal whether they are a joined member or not.

- Kathryn
Community Moderator

rules & regulations

1.* The community is open to everyone, but there is no criticism permitted. Any criticism or potential criticism comments will be asked to be removed by the poster. If the poster does not remove the post, it will be removed by the moderator.

2. No plagiarism. If you are to use someone else's work, please use quotations, or give credit to the author/artist at the end of your post.

3. Vulgar language will be permitted, as long as it is within your work. Random "F-This, F-that" isn't appreciated.

4. Post as much as you like. Try to keep the posts just to works of words, but if you have a photograph that goes along with what you have written, please do post it with your work.

5.One may go off-topic in a comment, but not in a main post. Meaning, I don't want someone posting, "I had such a bad day today,..yadda, yadda." But, if you'd like, write a poem, or a short story representing your bad day. Then, if someone posts a comment asking for a translation of the piece of work, you can explain it was about your bad day.

*Let us honestly discuss criticism. In art with words, how can something be "wrong"? Art is you, and you can't be wrong. Art accepts everything and everyone.

If you have any questions, please contact the moderator by either posting a comment in her journal, or writing an e-mail to feverlO3@AOL.com.

contact information

If you would like to contact the moderator for any reason, there are a number of ways:

E-Mail: FeverlO3@AOL.com
Please put “_words_ community” in the subject line.
Thank you.

AIM: XshadedX

Livejournal: klassical (leave a comment on the FO banner)