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No one's posted in here for quite a while... so I can't believe Chris Ross and Myles Heskett left the band!! They were great musicians, but stuff happens I guess. So the new lineup is:
Andrew Stockdale
Ian Peres (bassist and keyboardist)
Aidan Nemeth (guitarist)
and Dave Atkins (drummer)

And a new album is coming out in October! It's called Cosmic Egg. Sounds interesting. :D


i have 1 general admission/standing to the nov 22nd show at the hammerstein ballroom that i bought on ticketmaster a month or two ago. turns out i cant go and i dont want it to go to waste. i'll sell it for $40 (which includes overnight shipping, $14 according to usps.com) or $26 if you can pick it up (i'm in princeton, nj).


(sorry if this isnt allowed, just dont want a perfectly good ticket to go to waste)
horsing around


Since I am now unable to go to the Wolfmother Concert, I am selling 2 tickets to their Houston, Texas concert on November 28th, 2006 at the Meridian.

1 for $24
2 for $42

or make an offer.

Please comment here or email me at yvette.mtz@gmail.com.