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Dir en grey wallpapers [Mar. 11th, 2009|01:59 am]

[Current Mood |accomplished]
[Current Music |Kasumi - Dir en grey]

oh wow.. I finally got around to work and finish something :D No icons this time, though. Just wallpapers that I made because I loved the coloring and texture effect. I hope that you guys are going to like it too ^_^

I made a set of six wallpapers, one for each member, and one of the group. I don't know if I did well on the photo selection of any of them, but damn, I'm quite satisfied with how the Die wallpaper turned out. Also, I'd like to note that I've put a lot of thought into what sizes I should make them in. And in the end, I settled for the two most popular ones. (well, "popular" is a relative term in this case, but yeah..)


click for the wallpapersCollapse )

♥ Comments are much appreciated <3
♥ Scans from kirinukinomori <333
♥ Do not alter or edit
♥ Do not post anywhere else without my permission
♥ Do not claim it as your own
♥ For my resources, check the profile ^_^v
♥ Feel free to friend this journal for future updates. (link opens in new tab/window)
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10 bases + 30 icons + 1 wallpaper [Jun. 27th, 2007|04:49 am]

[Tags|, , ]

10 Hyde
10 Lin JunJie


Cut #1Collapse )

5 Gackt
5 Heath
5 Kaoru
5 Miyavi
10 Onmyouza


Cut #2Collapse )

1 Lin JunJie

Cut #3Collapse )

Comment please.
Do not hotlink.
You can do whatever you want with the bases, and I'd like to see what you can come up with, so it'd be nice if you could drop me a line when you make something out of them ^^
Do not edit textless icons or the wallpaper.
Credit scwolf_10k or _wolfie when using
Feel free to friend this journal for future updates ^^
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21 icons + 2 wallpapers [Jun. 12th, 2007|06:14 am]

[Tags|, ]

2 Heath (X Japan)
3 the GazettE
4 Dope HEADz
2 Die (Dir en grey)
6 Toshiya (Dir en grey)
4 Leehom Wang

1 Dir en grey
1 Kaoru


The purtehs behind the cut!Collapse )

+ Comment! Comments are loff yanno? XD
+ Textless icons are not bases
+ Do not edit or alter in anyway
+ Do not hotlink
+ Credit scwolf_10k or _wolfie when using.
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Harry Potter wallpaper 1024x768 [Dec. 25th, 2006|03:07 am]

[Tags|, ]

+ Comment
+ Do not alter or edit
+ Do not post anywhere else without my permission
+ Do not claim it as your own
+ Credit _wolfie or scwolf_10k

The kung-fu comment was inspired by a post about the photo from our_innocence
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4 wallpapers [Sep. 20th, 2006|04:33 am]

[Tags|, ]

1 Daniel Radcliffe
1 Emma Watson
1 Rupert Grint
1 The trio

wallpapers behind the cutCollapse )

+ Comment. LOTS OF THEM!
+ Do not edit.
+ Do not post elsewhere without permission.
+ Do not claim them as your own.
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