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Wolf Art


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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for people who like to draw wolves. Quads, weres or anthros; all are fine. Hybrids are okay, as long as they´re at least 50% wolves. Feel free to post your drawings, sketches, tutorials, questions, links and whatever, as long as it has to do with wolves and art.

Intros aren´t obligatory, but nice. It doesn´t have to be a biography, just tell us your name, why you joined the community and perhaps show us a drawing or two. But, like I said, you don´t have to do this if you don´t want to.

If you want to make an art trade with a wolf artist you can always go to wolfxchange. If you want to make a more private trade, though, you´re of course allowed ask here if anybody´s willing to trade with you.

Please do not be offended if somebody gives you criticism. We do not want to be mean, we want to help you to improve. If you don´t want criticism, tell us so in your entry.

Please cut big images.

No flaming is allowed; this should go without saying.