Dick in Love

He wears a halter top, too

I think I've figured out why McCain is campaigning like an old man meandering away from the retirement home. He's totally going Arthur Carlson!
He thought he wanted to be President, but it turns out he was only doing it to impress mamma, so he's throwing the election. That explains why he picked an unknown, inexperienced cupcake for a Vice President, quit campaigning, stiffed Letterman, was gonna skip the debate, then decided to go.
You got a better reason why someone running for President would do such mind-boggling stupid shoot-yourself-in-the-head things?
WKRP - Fever

WKRP coming to AmericanLife Network

WKRP in Cincinnati will now be airing on AmericanLife Network every Monday night, in a block also consisting of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, and Newhart!


...I guess we'll just have to wait and see as far as episode edits. Basically it's nice to see the show on TV, even though the edits are always disappointing. I know I was excited -- anything allowing more people to see WKRP makes me happy.

Other series recently picked up by this network:

Format change

Finally finished the first season DVD. Annoying, as expected, the obvious music changes, but nice to see the bits I haven't seen for 24 years that were cut for time in the syndicated episodes. As for the music, look, I have The Muppet Show and there were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more music rights to be cleared for that DVD release. This even includes a Beatles song! I know a couple episodes were shortened because of this music rights stuff, but most shows are complete. And it was $30.
I listened to the commentary for The "Weird Al" Show, and all the non-Al music was there. And Al said he even had to clear the rights for HIS OWN songs to release the show on DVD. And it was $25. I know that was only 13 episodes, but still.

So, come on! What's the deal? Quit butchering my WKRP so much! It clearly can be mostly done and for $30 each DVD set.
Money-grubbing FOX weiners!

Someone said they'd like to edit together the FOX release and the syndicated episodes to make a DVD set as they first aired. If done I will buy that sum-bitch right away! (Well, I'll send money for blank DVDs, shipping, and a couple bucks for time and effort.)
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WKRP - Easily Confused

WKRP Season 1

Whoever else buys the first season, what do you think about it?

The extra features are nice, but I wish they were more. Two small featurettes, one about the fiasco that was "Fish Story," and another about Jennifer. Commentary on two episodes, "Pilot (Part 1)" and "Turkeys Away," with Hugh Wilson, Frank Bonner, and Loni Anderson. Those are fun.

Overall the episodes look decent, considering the series as videotaped is lesser quality in the first place. Some of the music replacements are very questionable, some are passable. No surprise there. It's a good idea to supplement these episodes with one of the series sets circulating, to piece in scenes back and forth from any of the various syndicated edits.

Here's a review listing episode lengths. The time variations are nuts.

A playlist of scenes with music which are cut or altered for the DVDs:

BTW, new uploads over at YouTube: lots of goodies and full eps.