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_witch_hunt's Journal

Witch hunt - A harry potter 6th year rpg
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Plot Character's needed and Taken
Rules Application

School Calender Quidditch Teams
Head boy/girl, Prefects & Game Prefects
Student Timetables


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_witch_hunt - You Role Play everything else here.

gryffindor_logs - Gryffindor's Only, Common room posts only

ravenclaw_logs - Ravenclaw's Only, Common room posts only

hufflepuff_logs - Hufflepuff's Only, Common room posts only

slytherin_logs - Slytherin's Only, Common room posts only

witch_hunt_ooc - For anything you want to say out of character. For example, if you know you're going away for awhile, Plot ideas. Basically anything you want to say.

witch_hunt_info - Important Information about the game will be posted here

wh_owlery - Where you post your letters to other characters.

wh_prop - The Daily Prophet - Only Rita Skeeter and the mod will post here

wh_npc - A journal for the character's we don't have.