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¤ Oh but we are better... ¤

¤ Are you? ¤

¤ Rate me, because I'm better baby ¤
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Anybody , Moderated
Rate me
Rate me my friend,
Rate me,
Rate me again.

¤ All entries must be submitted in an lj cut.
¤ Only post comments on your own entry until you are accepted.
¤ Don't be an asshole.
¤ If you get a 'no' deal with it don't be petty, we can't all be special.

The application
¤ The basics ¤
Name or nickname:
Describe yourself (personality wise)
My top 5 books are:
My top 5 films are:
My top 5 bands are:
My favourite record label is:
best show (concert) i've been to..:

¤ More... ¤
What would you do if you were trapped on an island with only the Skipper (from Gilligans Island), a traffic cone and a spoon?:
Why do you want to join this community?:
Your views on religion?:
Your views on gay marriage?:
What's your biggest fear?:
I wish I wasn't...:
I wish I was...:
I would make a better...:
Weird talent:
Any pictures of you, that you wish to share? (Not complusory):

¤ Don't vote soely on apperance. We may be better, but we aren't shallow.
¤ When accepted and voting on members, do positives (+) and negatives (-) in your answer.
¤ Voting will last around three days. And after a mod will round up the votes and stamp you with one of the following;

Moderators aka. Gods
¤ The current moderators of the community are;
prettystarsfall and xleftinjuly