Wet!Tom 2, wet shirt, Soaked!Tom, Tom Ice Bucket challenge

Of Ginger Snaps and goofiness... XD

Last night, my inner Wishbone came out...there was a bag of ginger snaps on my parent's kitchen table the other day and I tried one.

My immidiate reaction was nothing short of "WHOOCHA! NO WONDER WISHBONE LOVES THESE SNACK TREATS!!!"


And now, enjoy this video from YouTube....

I miss him...  *Sniffle*


"And  you've met the family  dog..." XD

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Wishbone Plush?

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone happened to know where to find Wishbone plushes/stuffed animals (I've already checked eBay). I'm looking for the ones where he is dressed up as a character from literature. I already have the one where he's Romeo, just looking for the Robin Hood, Phantom of the Opera, and Sherlock Holmes one. It's a long shot, but here goes nothing!
Wet!Tom 2, wet shirt, Soaked!Tom, Tom Ice Bucket challenge

WOOOO-CHAA!!!! Game I just came up with!

Okay, gang, here's how it will work:

The first person (that would be me) will post a "Wishbone" quote from the TV show or any of his books, and the first one to name what book Soccer was "jumping into" (or book for that matter), names it and then does another quote.
If they cannot figure out what it is, the next person, if they know it, will name it and so forth.

For example (And this can't be used... XD):
(Tv...every episode)

See how easy it is?

I'll start!

"oooh, big man with the sword!   May I have this dance?  *woobs*"  

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Wet!Tom 2, wet shirt, Soaked!Tom, Tom Ice Bucket challenge

C'mon Wishbone!!!

OMGOMGOMGOGMG!   I can't believe that there is a community for Wishbone on here! 

My name's agentbethbonsai, but you can call me Beth-Chan! ^_^

My favorite episode, next to the Ivanhoe and the Hercules one would have to be the "Joan of Barcadia" one...

Anyone know where I can find that?
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(no subject)

Hi guys! New member here. ♥ I'm Aimee, and I found this community when I suddenly really wanted to see a particular Wishbone episode, and then decided I would look around! I loved this show, and it's so cool to see other people who love it too. :D

I actually have a request-- does anyone remember the Joan of Arc episode? It was my favorite and I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know who played Joan of Arc in the episode-- or even better, have it somewhere? ♥ Thanks so much!
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Wow. Seriously, wow.

I'm sincerely impressed that there's a community for Wishbone out here. I hadn't seen any part of that dog in years until I stumbled on the intro on youtube. It has to have been ten years since I've seen it.... I grew up on Wishbone. It's basically the reason I know things. XD

Does anyone have links to the episodes on youtube? It's pretty tedious to sift through them all, but I'm pretty much freaking out that Wishbone is still around, in some form. ^^