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Wild Icons!

The Icon Stash...

Wild Icons
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♥ This is just a place for me to organize my icons. Some I found, some I made. ♥

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♥ Most of these are found icons or public domain images, this is just a place for me to share the ones I happen to like, most often I don't know who made them...nor do I particularly care...therefore there is no need to credit unless it specifically says to do so
(If you feel the need to credit something, credit the community!)

♥ Non public domain images that were made by people I know will have credit attached and I would be entirely grateful if you would credit those appropriately

♥ If you want to request icons of a certain nature, just let me know, I can search them out. ♥
(First check the Tags to make sure they aren't already there...then request in This entry)

♥ If you see something that you made that you want credited...just let me know. ♥
(As much as I try to keep them organized, I sometimes forget who made what, just remind me!)

NO hotlinking please! ♥