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I want to see who looks at this community anymore and who still is active.
Please do at least ONE of the things below within the next week so that I know who is still around.

10 points = Promote to at least 2-5 communities/users (try to avoid the comms that start with a bunch of 00000.... no one looks at those) and post links here in a comment so I can check. For every 5 you do you will get another 10 pts.

10 points = Get someone to apply and list you as the one who got them to do it. They don't have to get accepted, you'll still get the points.

??? points = Post pictures, stories, ANYTHING... as often as possible. You'll get points for lots of stuff, especially right now when we're trying to get the place going.

10-25 points = Make accepted/rejected/promo banners for the community. You'll get 5 points for each one that I keep.

Also I was thinking the first person to reach a certain amount of points would get a prize or something. Like a paid account for however long or something like that. Maybe everyone could put $1 into the pot and whoever wins gets it all as a paid account. I dont know, just an idea. Well, have fun earning those points you guys!!!
Chicken by iridescent_wisp


Participating, but I dont need the points

I'm not sure what I'll wear to the first day of classes. This will be my last year of college (crosses fingers) so I'm at the point where I dont really care what I look like at school. I just go, get the classes over with, and come back home. Plus I have to drive 30 miles a day to go to school, so if I've got to get up early I am in no mood to do my hair all fancy and I've never been one for lots of makeup. ♥


Because I think we've exhausted the old one...


Post pictures, or write something about your Back To School wardrobe. What are you wearing/what you wore the first day back. You can talk about make-up and hair too if you want. But just have fun!

Oh yeah, and you get 15 points.

Don't forget to Lj-Cut if you're using pictures!!