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Wicked Style! -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
We've Got The Wicked Style

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Philosophy: Fall 2008 RTW [08 Feb 2008|12:38am]

Layers...and a ballet influence I think.
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Derek Lam: Fall 2008 [08 Feb 2008|12:58am]
Nothing groundbreaking or original...but I love it

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Michael Kors: fall 2008 rtw [08 Feb 2008|01:08am]

Shiny dress with bows.
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Dennis Basso Fall 2008 [08 Feb 2008|01:15am]

Normally fur in fashion = fail.
But this (and a lot of the rest of the collection) had worked fur into the outfits in a good way.
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Zac Posen Fall 2008 rtw [08 Feb 2008|09:34pm]

Mickey Mouse!
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Lacoste Fall 2008 rtw [08 Feb 2008|09:42pm]

The first two remind me a bit of Harry Potter haha.
But I love the long scarves and bright colours. It looks really wearable.
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