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Wicked Graphics
Recent Entries 
30th-Jul-2008 09:14 pm(no subject)
Haven't updated in about a million years. I thought I would this summer, but the truth is I'm just a lazy ass.
Let's not call this the end :]
8th-Jun-2008 05:56 pm(no subject)
Immensely random bunch of awkwardly sized graphics.
I make ones like these to put in my profile :]

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2nd-Feb-2008 04:17 pm - Just 13
Some recent icons
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26th-Jan-2008 03:39 pm(no subject)
Some larger graphics I used for layouts
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18th-Dec-2007 08:11 pm - 65 icons
Long time, no post, so here's 65 fashion related icons

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29th-Sep-2007 06:59 pm - 44 Icons, models
Icons. Wheee.
Sasha P, Darla Baker, Mariacarla the likes of that...
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17th-Aug-2007 10:51 am - 36 icons, models.
Icon post! SQUEE
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13th-Jun-2007 02:44 pm - 26 icons.
This is probably my last post until I come back from vacation. That'll be a month. Hooray.

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