Hello anyone out there??

Ok lets revive this community. I am a pagan/herbalist/writer/goth/gyspy soul. I create bath products in the tradition of Witchcraft medicine. Accents of the Spirit is my baby. I have begun writing my first book for us left of center-ers. I would love to get some feedback. It is self help and inspirational along with rituals and recipes. It is meant to be a bridge between a ritual book and a work of fiction. Something upbeat and inspiring. I have put some sample chapters up on myspace.
Let me know what you think..

Evening all

Hello there new person appearing from the shadows. I've been practicing Wicca for 5-6 years now but til last year it's always had to be a low key be quiet else the grandparents will drag you back to the local Church to see if you burn in the doorway.

I'm really curious for suggestions on spending this coming Samhain, I don't have much energy which is why in my little head I'm planning something special now. It's rather calming and pleasent.

So how will you be celebrating it? Are there any special things you enjoy doing that you want to share with us?

Peace and warm socks to all. x

Faeries, deities, and so on...?

Hi, I'm new. My name is Brieanna. I'm not a Pagan, Wiccan, etc. but I know that faeries and pantheons/deities are sometimes used in Pagan & Wiccan practices, and they show up in Celtic folklore and mythology in general. I'm interested in faeries and deities/gods & goddesses/pantheons and so on, so I figured I could ask here.
Mainly, I've been searching for sites that give me descriptions of different faeries and what they do/what they can mean. If you don't understand what I'm saying, here's a site I found that was basically what I'm looking for: http://www.marthascottage.com/Garden/faeries/faeries.htm If you click on their names, it'll bring up the descriptions. Anyway, like I said, that was a bit helpful but it only had 3 faeries. I've found numerous sites that like this one http://www.odyssy.net/users/erica/wicca/faerynames.htm that only give me names and descriptions of general groups of faeries.
So, what I'm asking is, do any of you know of any sites that could tell me what faeries represent strength, courage, justice, protection, etc.? If I'm completely wrong and faeries don't represent qualities like that, I'm sorry. I had heard that they do. And if they don't, what are some other creatures in Irish/Celtic history, mythology, folklore, etc. that would relate to qualities such as strength and protection and courage? And where could I find descriptions of them, or any material on them, for that matter?
Thank you so much for any help!!

PS- If this is too off-topic, please let me know and I'll delete it.
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The Wheel of the Year - Mabon

I just wanted to share with everyone. Fall is my personal favorite time of year. And looking through my books trying to prepare for the winter has given me the ambition to share with you.

This month is the last Sabbat of the year. September 22 is the Autumn Equinox - Mabon (May-bone or Mah-boon).

It is a day balanced with light and darkness, and is the second of three harvests. The Harvest in which to harvest, berries, nuts, and late fruits and vegetables.

It is a time to give thanks for the Harvest that will help us out through the winter's dark months.

It is time for reflection and the giving thanks to Deities, Gods, and Goddesses.

The Autumn Equinox is the beginning of the dark half of the year. It is a good time to turn within and focus on our magick and meditations.

I like to think of it, just as the Earth is turning in, to slumber and become in a state of protection from the long, dark, cold nights - so should we.

Being it the last Sabbat, before Samhain, I was thinking it might nice to get some extra protection.
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life as we know it or so we thought................

hey life is sorta better. or so i thought. my friends dog died, i thought my boyfriend was cheating on me,
uhhh my dad still can't except i'm a wiccan,and gothic. people at school of course is still going to call me a devilworshiper or my favorite."GOTHIC" people just can't seem to not be stupied down here in alabama or any where for that matter. but i also need help i'm doing a report on the salem witch trils(sorry if misspelled) well if you have any advice or notes i would be happy. anyways............. i've been cutting myslef again.... everybody is tormenting me about it. butit's what i do in my depression stage right now. i don't know what to make me feel better. well i'll write later.

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Moon Magick

X-Posted sorta, from my own journal

i enjoy how much stuff there is to know, and how much of it makes sense, and feels true to me.

i am reading a book called Moon Magick. Very interesting stuff. i have learned that coolest thing about Wicca, is there aren't really any do's and don'ts... well there are, but they are logical, and ethical, easy stuff for the "kind of heart", i can use anything, for any purpose, well all things have a purpose - but it's a mix and match, and what feels right? There is a lot of freedom in Wicca. It's nice.

There are so many things that i love about Celestial things. This Moon Magick book is just cool. And i have decided that i am going to start implementing the phases of the moon into my life. i am going to start using the new moon to begin new things - to wax strong in the things i need too, and use the waning moon and dark moon to rid myself of ailments that are dragging me down. The coolest thing - is i can do this, i can start anew every 29.5 days. What a perfect little cycle for my inconsistent self.

There is just too much info for me to share.

Has anyone else read that book? Would love to talk about it!

Blessed Be!
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life fact

hey sorry i haven't written in a while. i've been very busy. school is stinking bigtime. people are extreamly stupid if you go to albertville middle school. anyways my life is going sorta okay. i still miss my mama.:(( i want my mommy.and softball is going grat we've only lost one game. and in wicca. it's going great....but, my friends are having a hard time excepting it. i just don't no what to do.i need advise and fast. well i g2g bye.
love always,
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