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"Little, Big" by John Crowley

I'm rereading Little, Big by John Crowley

I was quite inspired by this book when I first read it, and added John Crowley to my short list of authors who's books I will always buy. A look at his Live Journal crowleycrow will give you some feel for his writing style.

"Little, Big" is the story of a family that lives in constant contact with Fairies. Intentionally at some times and unintentionally at other times. It is a bit of a cautionary Tale. But it doesn't paint the Fairies as evil. What I really like about it is the way their belief in Fairies is a way of life, a Religion.

Another thing I really like about all John Crowley's work is the way he bases his stories on real history without every pretending to write anything but fiction. If you are familiar with the Cottingley Fairies, The Spiritualist Movement, Lewis Carroll's Photography, and Art of memory you will recognize them in his work.

"Little, Big" is an ornate and intricate Modern Urban Fairy Tale that I recommend whole heartedly.