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Blessed Beltain

Meet My New Veg - Around the World News - Austrian Times Online News

"He's not exactly green-fingered, but this bizarre plant from southern China seems to be more than a handful for any gardener.

The root - from the He Shou Wu plant - is used in traditional medicine to rejuvenate virility and strength and is even said to turn grey hair back to black.

Farmer Lu Chen, 47 - from Nanning - has been offered up to 100 GBP for the plant but refused to sell.

"I think it is a sign that my farm will have new fertility and that I'm going to have a bumper crop this year," he explained. "

Seems similar to Mandrake root.
goddess and god

Calton Hill Beltane Fire Festival, Witches’ Night, and Beltaine 2010: A Pagan Odyssey

Festival fights fire with fire
By Sue Gyford, news.scotsman.com, 01 May 2010
"A FEAST of flames, flesh and fertility came to Calton Hill with the annual Beltane Fire Festival.
Organisers estimated that 11,000 people flocked to the hill for the pagan-inspired celebration last night, watching 350 performers in costumes and body paint dance and drum the hours away.

As night fell, 16 black-clad figures with flaming torches mounted the National Monument and set light to three huge images of spring which hung between the pillars, before guiding the May Queen on a procession around the hill.

Trailed by a cortege including dancers sporting nothing but red body paint and thongs, she and her suitor, the Green Man, stopped to perform several pageants around the hillside."
Bonfires, broomsticks and barbecues: Czechs mark Witches’ Night
by Sarah Borufka, Český rozhlas, 30-04-2010
"April 30 is Čarodějnice, or Witches’ Night. In the past, this date was believed to bring the arrival of spring. People would gather to burn bonfires in order to dispel evil spirits. Nowadays, the celebration is still popular among Czechs, and the organizers of Prague’s biggest witches’ night celebration at Ladronka park are getting ready for a night full of magic and fire."
Beltaine 2010: A Pagan Odyssey in Oxford, CT is a wonderful festival
by Paula Jean West, Pagan Travel Examiner, www.examiner.com, May 1, 2010
"The festival "Beltaine 2010: A Pagan Odyssey" is positioned on Schreiber's farm in a beautifully wooded area on a small lake in Oxford, CT. The area is lush with spring green and and located just down the road from Southford Falls State Park in Southbury, CT. Driving along routes 188 and 67 to the festival site, you expect the Green Man to jump out at every turn. "
Pagan Festival - Connecticut Post, www.ctpost.com "Beltaine 2010: A Pagan Odyssey" slide show.
Pictures: Beltaine Festival at Schreiber's Farm, Oxford - Courant.com, www.courant.com
Pagans gather in the woods of Oxford
by John Burgeson, Stamford Advocate, Friday, April 30, 2010
""When you talk about pagans, you're talking pre-Christian religion," said the Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth, who is a member of the pagan clergy and the coordinator of the event, now in its 12th year. "The maypole is symbolic, for it represents the unification of the masculine and the feminine."

"There's been a lot of misunderstanding all around about witches or pagans dating back to the witch trials in Salem," Folberth said. "That remains part of our mindset, even though we're in modern times. People have this idea that Satanism is part of our mindset, but we don't have anything to do with that. It's completely outside of what we do.""