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Wicca: A Living Tradition of Witchcraft

A place for scholarly religious discussion.

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This site is for Wiccans to post about our practices and beliefs. A place to engage in dialog with other Wiccans and watch how our living faith grows and changes. A place for meaningfull discussion of religion and faith.

This not a place to post jokes, quizes, or other "memes". Please put any really long posts or pictures behind a cut tag.

This community is moderated by sheherazahde so report any abusive behavior to her. Argument and discussion are good. Name calling and abuse are bad. Defining your terms is good. Defining other people's terms is bad

If you embrace Wicca you have a place at this table. Solitaries and Eclectics are welcome here.

If you are a seeker you may seek here.

This is a community about the religion of Wicca.

This not a fundamentalist community. Fundamentalism is a conservative religious authoritarianism in any faith. It is marked by a literal interpretation of scriptures and favors a strict adherence to traditional doctrines and practices.

This is a not a "traditionalist" or "reconstructionist" community. Traditional Wiccans or Witches or Reconstructionists are welcome. But no tradition bashing will be tolerated. No telling other people "You're doing it wrong". No telling people "You can't call yourself that". No bashing other people's paths. Historical accuracy is fine but no bashing people for not being historically authentic. There are very few religions that are practiced the same way now as they were 2000 years ago. And it is unlikely that you are practicing one of them.

No Ad Hominem attacts. No Fallacies at all if possible.

Feminism is a movement in support of the view that men and women should have equal social value and status. It is not bound to any particular theory of history.

Wicca is feminist to the extent that it supports the view that men and women should have equal social value and status.

The information about this community is subject to change without notice.

The Memories section contains links to posts about Book Recomendations, Defining Faith, Defining Religion, How to Argue, Other Pagan and Wiccan Communities, Posting in this Community, and What is Wicca. Please read them.