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So, while the poop was hitting the vents Tuesday, as my want I did a Runecasting. Not all that Useful 'cause it basically said, "The Shit has hit the Fan". Duh;>! For the rest of the day Runes kept popping up in my thoughts. Not surprisingly, during my shower I got what I call a "Voiceover" where I Hear _____(fill in the Blank; Subconscious, Higher Self, Voice of Deity, etc). It said, "Time to Focus".
Since the late 90's I've been using both the Elder Futhark and Anglo-Frisian Futhorc(though Honestly more the EF). I've done a lot of Work with both over the passing decades. I've filled a few notebooks with stuff. Never had any interest in the Younger Futhark and the Armanen? Don't think So.
I don't know how much time I have left on Midgard(at least a decade, maybe more) so I think that was a push to get more serious. So my AF Runestaves have been put away and my EF stavesets are out where they can be used. My favs are a Copper EF and an EF carved into Snowflake Obsidian. My more traditional sets are those risted into Yew, Holly and Antler though I'm more "tuned" to my Copper set.

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