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I' Pat Duffy, a 5o-something Heathen Gay male living with his Handfasted Partner of 15 yrs on the Florida Panhandle with 2 Rescued Cats. I've been on my Path since the late 70's and originally was Initiated into a Celtic Wiccan Coven whose founders had been Alexandrian but chose to break away a few yrs before I met them. I'e had an Eclectic Path though the Impulse has not been; that is, to Return to the Ways of my pre Christian Ancestors.
This lead me from Wicca to Celtic Reconstructionism to Heathenism, to which I've belonged since the mid 90's. Hope that's not a problem. I've a few decades of Western Herbal studies(both Medical and Mystical) under my belt and credit this to me surviving aids from being diagnosed in 85 to living until the "Cocktail" came out.
I'm also an avid Gardener though this yr we moved from a dbl lot to a condo with two courtyards so I'm reliving much of my Adult life as an apt dweller....though I'd NEVER had this much personal Growing space in ANY of those apts;>!
We moved originally here from the Bay Area to help my folks and relocated to our present location due to them Moving to a property more in tune with the health issues of 90 yr olds. It's actually much prettier both inside and out, being set in an Oak forest instead of suburbia....
Up for pretty much any question or subject since in around 4 decades in the Magickal Community I've pretty much run into or heard it all;>!

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