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Yay Summer!

Blessed Litha!

My ritual group met this past weekend. We did a quiet little ritual my coven sister wrote.

First we took some construction paper and crayons and made "Sun Symbols". We drew on the paper what we thought represented the sun. Then wrote what blessings we wanted to call into our lives on the rays of our suns.

One person charged the salt & water (the water was from a spring on the property consecrated to Aphrodite) and blessed and purified the group and the space.
Another person charged the fire and air (a White Sage bundle) and blessed and purified the group and the space.
One person had Breath of God ointment he used to anoint our third eye. That was very nice, to put it mildly.

We cast the Circle "Heart to Heart". That is when everyone holds hands then the first person brings their left hand to their heart then to the heart of the person to their left while saying
"Heart to Heart I Cast this Circle".
Then that person does the same to the person to their left, and so on all the way around. [You can also do it "Hand to Hand" In that case you start off not holding hands and say "From my hand to your hand I cast this Circle" while taking hold of their hand.]

We called the Quarters in the usual way.

Then we called Apollo with this chant:
Hail Apollo, Shining One,
Drive the chariot of the sun.
Bring light and love to everyone.
Then we called Demeter with this chant:
Hail Demeter, we call to You,
There is much we want to do.
Give us strength to see it through.
Then we exchanged sun symbols randomly and each meditated on the sun symbol we had received. While chanting:
Sunny Days!
Blessed Rays!
So much to Praise!
We blessed the cakes [strawberries and cookies] and wine [1997 Merlot] with the traditional BlueStar bread blessing song by Kenny and Zipora:
Dear Lady bless
These cakes we share.
Accept the love
Your crafters bear.
We reap your bounty
And praise your name,
Part in your love
And meet again.

Lord's blessings on
These cakes we share.
Lord where you dance,
Please lead us there.
In Greenwood groves
Beneath your sun,
All love is shared
All hearts are one.
We passed around the plate and chalice saying:
May you never hunger.
May you never thirst.
We thanked the Demeter and Apollo.
We thanked the Quarters.
We released the Circle.
The end.

We each could do what we wanted with the sun symbol we got.   I chose to put mine in the group Book of Shadows.
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