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Liturgy: "Invocation to the Ground of Being" by Starhawk, and Symbolic Great Rite

This is one of my favorite invocations.  It can be done by two people or by a whole group  with each half alternating.

 "Invocation to the Ground of Being" by Starhawk

Nameless One            —              of many names
Eternal                        and ever-changing One
Who is found nowhere—but appears everywhere
eyond                                         and within all.
Timeless                      —   circles of the seasons,
Unknowable mystery   —                  known by all.
Lord of the Dance        —            Mother of all life:
Be radiant with us,      — Engulf us with Your love,


See with our eyes,
Hear with our ears,
Breathe with our nostrils,
Touch with our hands,
Kiss with our lips,
Open our hearts!
That we may live free at last
Joyful in the single song
Of all that is, was, or ever shall be!

I was having trouble finding the wording for the  Symbolic Great Rite on the internet. So is here is the version my group uses.

The two officiants each hold a Wand in their Right hand and a Chalice in their Left hand. They stand facing each other holding their Wands over their partners Chalice, and alternate saying the lines.
"Be it known that no man is greater than a woman."
                      "Nor is a woman greater than a man."
"For what one lacks..."                                             
                                          "...the other can provide."
"As the Wand is to the Male.."                                  
                          "...So the chalice is to the Female."
"And when the two are joined..."                              
(lowering the wands into the Chalices)
                                  "...They become one in truth."
(Simultaneously) "For there is no greater magic in all the world than that of love."
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