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Lady Sheherazahde Lachesis

Anticipators' Yule

The group I practice with is made up of people who live all over New York State. Some of use work regular day jobs but others work nights and weekends. And some have young children to care for. Some of us have to drive three and half hours to get to our meetings so we meet somewhere where people can stay overnight. We try to meet at least once a month but we can't get together just any time we like.

We met this past weekend for what we called "Anticipators' Yule". Our community has been celebrating "Procrastinators' Beltain" on Memorial Day weekend for almost twenty years. So it seemed fitting.

We invoked Persephone and Hades and burned lists of things we wanted to divest ourselves of.

One of our members came up with a nice energy raising chant for the magick.
The wheel turns
The fire burns
The God returns
The sun is reborn

We used a Traditional BlueStar bread blessing song
Dear Lady bless
These cakes we share.
Accept the love
Your crafters bear.
We reap your bounty
And praise your name,
Part in your love
And meet again.

Lord's blessings on
These cakes we share.
Lord where you dance,
Please lead us there.
In Greenwood groves
Beneath your sun,
All love is shared
All hearts are one.
Tags: braided wheel tradition, chants, liturgy, ritual, sabbats, yule

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